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Major studios
Watch Movies Online
Films that are better than you remember
Favourite Film Quotes
Sources for independent film online
Top 10 Animated Feature by box-office earnings
Online Film Sites
Films with a certain 'edge'
10 Things about Dreamchaser (2003)
If you liked TRON
Scream - Rules To Survive A Horror Movie
James Bond Movies, a list about the series
Why Michael Crichton Westworld is like Jurassic Park
Cyberpunk, SF and more (a movie list)
Best of 2000, Cinema with an Edge (2000)
U.S. Film Distributors
Movie Cliches List - Women
Disney's Animated Features (A-Z)
Google - Top Movies 2002
Top Grossing Movies of All Time
German Movie-Charts for the year 2002 Top 50
Filmography for Tak Fujimoto as Cinematographer
If you liked... Pleasantville (1998)
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