List styles

Select the list style below. Here are some examples of how your list will look like:
  • This is an "Unordered List"
  • With Bullet Style "disk"
  1. This is an "Ordered List"
  2. With Numbering Style "1,2,3,..."
This is a "Definition List"
You can see here how it looks

cyList syntax

How To:

cyList uses an easy-to-learn html-like syntax:
  1. Start each new list ITEM with "<I>" (the capital "i" as in "India")
  2. Start each item"s DESCRIPTION with "<D>"
  3. If you want to insert a line-break enter "<BR>"

Optional for Definition Lists:
  1. Start each new list ITEM with "<I>", this is the "Definition Term"
  2. Follow it by a description after "<V>", this is the "Def. Description"
  2. Add an optional DESCRIPTION after "<D>"

Example List Content:

You could enter something like this below:
  <I>This is item No. 1<D>Description 1
  <I>This is item No. 2<D>No description
  <I>This is item No. 3<D>Description 3

As "Ordered List" with "1,2,3,..." numbering it would look like:
  1. This is item No. 1
    Description 1
  2. This is item No. 2
  3. This is item No. 3
    Description 3