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list n ,listing -- a database containing
an ordered array of items, names,
figures or topics.

Did you ever notice that our world is full of lists? There are shopping lists, stock lists, member lists, search results, E-Mail lists, music charts, boxoffice charts, ToDo Lists, wish lists...
cyList.com is a website dedicated to lists: Everything can be said in lists, the Top 10 CDs, the Top 5 movies of all time and so on. From the Ten Commandments to The 5 Best Things about a Cheeseburger. Creating lists is fun and a good way to outline the essential facts.
Lists are everywhere and cyList.com is their home on the web.

Q: So why this?
A: O.K. imagine you just watched a great action movie and now you want to see more from that genre. Visit our site, maybe someone just published his Top 10 list for action movies... there you go.
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A: Yes, it's free. And no, no registration required. Just go ahead!

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