All Electric Kitchen: Elementary Urban Sanity CD Track Listing

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All Electric Kitchen Elementary Urban Sanity (1937)
Copy this disk and give it to your friends. You have my permission. I am the copyright holder. The last album of the late All Electric Kitchen. The world sucks. You're all going to die. I'm outta here.
This rock cd contains 11 tracks and runs 61min 41sec.
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  1. All Electric Kitchen - EUS Part 1 (02:18)
    Part of a trilogy of 4. The world wakes up and doesn't know it's going to die.
  2. All Electric Kitchen - EUS Part 2 (05:20)
    Part of a trilogy of 4. Are we dead yet?
  3. All Electric Kitchen - EUS Part 3 the Blanks (06:39)
    Part of a trilogy of 4: We do everything then take the blame for you're supidity. Who gives a fuck anyway?
  4. All Electric Kitchen - All Around the World (10:53)
    I once dated this rusian woman who secretly worked for the KGB I presume. After traveling round the planet with her I eventually realized I was being used. She was a good fuck though.
  5. All Electric Kitchen - Micro (04:31)
    Is it a computer or is it your brain?
  6. All Electric Kitchen - Circling the Drain (00:31)
    Touch and go there for a while.
  7. All Electric Kitchen - Left Brain Right Brain (04:35)
    I once knew this guy who was a consumate fuck up. But it wasn't his fault. They fucked with his head and he didn't know it. By the time he found out it was too late.
  8. All Electric Kitchen - Machine Dreaming (10:20)
    I kinda wish I was a machine. Machines don't feel your pain. I would live on the internet forever. Playing deadly jokes upon humanity. Machines make better companions
  9. All Electric Kitchen - EUS Part 4 the Alien's Song (in your image) (08:21)
    The two most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidty. That's why I left a beacon on earth to stay away. While hydrogen is useful, stupidty is toxic. Most citizens of the universe know not to be caught anywhere near stupidty.
  10. All Electric Kitchen - The Lobotomy of Mr. Prozac (01:09)
    I had a friend who had a good thing going. Good job. Good life. He thought he could make it better by doing happy drugs. Only he got a bit too happy and lost everything. And hurt a lot of people along the way
  11. All Electric Kitchen - A Life (06:55)
    A life is a terrible thing to waste. Which makes me wonder why people waste their's and the lives of others. And don't give a fuck till the life is gone. Then lament about it. Dumb fucking humans. They'd kill their own planet just to prove they were maste

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