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Final Attack Live Attack (Live Demo) (2003)
This piece of crap was neither mastered nor produced but recorded somehow on the Marktplatz in Ochtrup/Germany on the 11th October 2003. The Set contains some cover songs of famous Metal/Rock Bands. All rights of these songs belong to them. Cheers!
This rock cd contains 9 tracks and runs 43min 35sec.
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  1. Final Attack - Medley (06:31)
    Medley of Hell Awaits, The four Horsemen, Angel of death and Seek and destroy. All rights of the music owned by Slayer and Metallica.
  2. Final Attack - Final Attack (04:05)
  3. Final Attack - Outlaw (04:08)
  4. Final Attack - Fobidden Chapter (04:48)
  5. Final Attack - Beyond the Ice (06:27)
  6. Final Attack - Paranoid (02:53)
    All rights ownded by Black Sabbath.
  7. Final Attack - Wolf (05:05)
  8. Final Attack - Creeping Death (05:38)
    All rights owned by Metallica.
  9. Final Attack - Warhead (03:53)

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