Amos, Tori: Y Kan't Tori Read and Other Rarities CD Track Listing

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Amos, Tori Y Kan't Tori Read and Other Rarities (1988)
[Silver-pressed bootleg: tracks 1-10 is a direct dub of 'Y Kant Tori Read' (Atlantic, 1988), tracks 11-16 are single & soundtrack-only bonus tracks (1992)\n\nProduced by Joe Chiccarelli\nRecorded by Joe Chiccarelli\nMixed by Ed Thacker\nCo-Produced by Kim Bullard\nExecutive Producer: David Kershenbaum\nRecorded at: Hollywood Sound, South Combe Studios, Ground Control Studios, Sound Castle Studios, Capitol Studios, The Grey Room\n\nAcoustic Piano: Tori except on "Fayth" - Kim Bullard\nDrums: Matt Sorum, Vinny Coliauta - "That Etienne Drummer"\nBass: Tim Landers, except on "Fayth", "Floating City" and "Pirates" - Fernando Saunders\nGuitars: Steve Farris\nAdditional Guitars: Steve Caton, Gene Black\nAcoustic Guitar: Peter White, Steve Farris\nMandolin: Eric Williams\nBouzouki: Richard Bernard\nProgramming and Keyboards: Kim Bullard\nAdditional Keyboards: Tori\nBackground Vocals: Tori, CeCe Bullard, Zobbin Rander, James House, Merry Clayton, Nancy Shanks, The Valentine Bros, and Rick Nelson\nBagpipes: Devon Dickson
This rock cd contains 16 tracks and runs 69min 12sec.
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  1. Amos, Tori - The Big Picture (04:22)
  2. Amos, Tori - Cool on Your Island (04:59)
  3. Amos, Tori - Fayth (04:25)
  4. Amos, Tori - Fire on the Side (04:55)
  5. Amos, Tori - Pirates (04:16)
  6. Amos, Tori - Floating City (05:20)
  7. Amos, Tori - Heart Attack at 23 (05:15)
  8. Amos, Tori - On the Boundary (04:42)
  9. Amos, Tori - You Go to My Head (04:00)
  10. Amos, Tori - Etienne Trilogy (06:59)
  11. Amos, Tori - Ode to the Banana King (Part One) [bonus track] (04:06)
  12. Amos, Tori - Song For Eric [bonus track] (01:55)
  13. Amos, Tori - Happy Phantom (live) [bonus track] (03:37)
  14. Amos, Tori - Ring My Bell [bonus track] (04:38)
  15. Amos, Tori - The Happy Worker [bonus track] (04:22)
  16. Amos, Tori - Workers (01:12)

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