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Steve Earle Live From Austin, Texas: Steve Earle (1986)
Live From Austin, Texas: Steve Earle\n2004 New West Records, LLC\n\nOriginally Released November 2, 2004 \n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Steve Earle wasn't yet one of the most respected, intelligent, and controversial voices in Nashville when he stepped on-stage for a taping of the long-running public television series Austin City Limits in the fall of 1986 -- back then, he was a promising newcomer who was touring behind his well-received debut album, Guitar Town, and was recording the follow-up in fits and starts when he had downtime from the road. Live from Austin TX, part of a series of CD and DVD releases from the rich Austin City Limits archive, captures Earle when his confidence and stage smarts were not quite what they would be later on, and though there are more than a few great songs in this set, many of the tunes that would become cornerstones of his later live show (especially the mature work from his post-"vacation in the ghetto" period) haven't been written yet, and frankly this edition of the Dukes wasn't the strongest he would ever have. But Earle's energy and enthusiasm is well in evidence on this set, his voice is in solid shape, and the performance builds up a solid head of steam as it chugs through a solid 17-song set. Live from Austin TX is hardly the definitive Steve Earle live album, but it's a fine snapshot of a major artist as he was first getting accustomed to the spotlight, and the talent, swagger, and conscience that would mark his best known work are all in evidence here, even if they haven't yet reached sharp focus. -- Mark Deming\n\ Editorial Review\nThis 1986 performance from Austin City Limits (also available on DVD) presents one of country's most powerful artists at his performing peak. The native Texan's series debut finds Earle in the midst of his headstrong breakthrough, drawing from the Guitar Town and Exit 0 albums that put him at the front of the renegade country pack. Within the former album's title track and other performance highlights such as "Good Ol Boy (Gettin' Tough)" and "Nowhere Road," Earle and his band the Dukes combine country twang with rock dynamics. Plainly influenced by Bruce Springsteen, he introduces a taut, riveting cover of "State Trooper" as a song by "a pretty good hillbilly singer from New Jersey," and Earle's own "Fearless Heart" owes a debt of inspiration to Springsteen's "Hungry Heart." Yet the 17-song performance reflects his softer side as well, with the reflective balladry of "My Old Friend the Blues" and the tender lullaby of "Little Rock 'n' Roller" packing as much of an emotional punch as the tougher stuff. Where Austin City Limits typically edits an artist's taping into a half hour for airing, this 65-minute release treats listeners to the full set. --Don McLeese \n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nIf it's Worth Doing, it's Worth Doing Right..., December 9, 2005\nReviewer: S. Allen (McKinney Texas)\n...but that's not the case here. Steve Earle and the band put on a great show, and fortunately it was recorded, but the sound lacks low end. I suspect the problem is the mastering, and not the recording itself since everything else seems right. This was my first Austin City Limits disc, and it will be my last. There's no excuse for this.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nYoung Steve, June 17, 2005\nReviewer: W. McMillin "13bum" (Texas)\nThis shows that Steve Earle was at the top of his game before all the self imposed destruction. He left the top and came back to the top. If you are a fan then you should own this. I am not usally fond of live cds/albums but this is one of the few exceptions.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nPowerful live view of Earle's landmark early work, March 22, 2005\nReviewer: redtunictroll (Earth, USA)\nOne rarely gets the opportunity to re-approach a classic album such as Earle's "Guitar Town" with fresh ears. But that's exactly what this CD and DVD provide with their looks at Earle's 1986 Austin City Limits appearance, expanded from the 30 minute television edit to the full hour performance. Riding the crest of his landmark debut, and with half of his follow-up, "Exit 0," in his hip-pocket, Earle lights up the stage with a giddy passion fueled by his incredible initial cache of material. \n\nListeners who've worn out their original vinyl will be renewed by the sparkle Earle brings to the stage. Dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans, he looks the role of the dreamers who populate his songs, cruising their pickups and homemade muscle cars through small-town America. This first blush of performing bravado winds the clock back on an album that's become an Americana staple: Earle performs everything from "Guitar Town" save "Someday," and works through half of its follow-up. His band translates the songs to stage with few changes, roughing up a few of the album's tidy edges with live vitality. \n\nWhether unwinding the freedom of "Guitar Town" or wallowing in the emotional scars of "Little Rock & Roller," Earle can't help beam with the pride he has in his songs. The closing "I Love You Too Much" and encore of "San Antonio Girl" find the singer wringing every last drop of enjoyment out of his time on stage. Save for a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "State Trooper" Earle "made all these songs up," and a more compelling collection of vignettes and characters would be hard to find.\n\ Details \nProducer: Jay Woods \n\nAlbum Notes\nPersonnel: Steve Earle (vocals, guitar); Mike McAdam (guitar); Bucky Baxter (electric guitar); Ron Kling (keyboards, bass instrument); Ken Moore (keyboards); Harry Stinson (drums).\nRecording information: 09/12/1986.
This rock cd contains 17 tracks and runs 62min 36sec.
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  1. Steve Earle - Sweet Little '66 (02:51)
  2. Steve Earle - Goodbye's All We've Got Left (03:29)
  3. Steve Earle - Guitar Town (02:35)
  4. Steve Earle - Hillbilly Highway (03:32)
  5. Steve Earle - Good Ol Boy (Gettin' Tough) (04:05)
  6. Steve Earle - My Old Friend The Blues (03:00)
  7. Steve Earle - Think It Over (02:32)
  8. Steve Earle - Little Rock 'n' Roller (05:58)
  9. Steve Earle - State Trooper (05:06)
  10. Steve Earle - Nowhere Road (02:57)
  11. Steve Earle - The Week Of Living Dangerously (04:41)
  12. Steve Earle - Angry Young Man (04:29)
  13. Steve Earle - Fearless Heart (04:06)
  14. Steve Earle - I Love You Too Much (03:49)
  15. Steve Earle - San Antonio Girl (03:00)
  16. Steve Earle - The Devil's Right Hand (03:08)
  17. Steve Earle - Down The Road (03:07)

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