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Pushstart Wagon Squeaky Clean
Album Production:\n Andrew D. Prickett and Puststart Wagon\n\n Sound Engineering:\n Andrew D. Prickett, Gene Eugene, and Erik Tokie\n\n Stereo Mixing:\n Andrew D. Prickett, Mark Rodriguez, and Pushstart Wagon\n\n Tracks cut and Re-Mixed at:\n The "Fab" Green Room and The Mixing Lab,\n Huntington Beach, CA from April-May 1996\n\n Grand Mastering:\n Kevin Reeves for Capitol\n\n Pustart Wagon is composed of:\n Jonathan Elliott: guitar melody and vocal accompaniment\n Benjamin Eggehorn: trap set, percussion\n and vocal accompaniment\n Eric Shouse: electric bass and vocal accompaniment\n Steven Guiles: pop vocals and guitar harmony\n\n Squeaky Clean Models are:\n Georgia Sanders (cover girl)\n Carole Marshall (laundry)\n Rebecca Elliot (toothpaste)\n\n Squeaky Clean Make-Up and Hair exclusively by:\n Vanessa Kaylor\n from Atlantic Studio Long Beach\n 310.438.8934\n\n Concepts, Photographs, and Art Direction:\n Anna Cardenas\n\n Graphic Design and Illustration:\n Sheri Neville for The Record Factory\n\n Touring, Merchandise, or Radio contact:\n S.B. Management @ 818.914.9944\n\n visit the Pushstart Wagon Homepage\n http://www.apu.edu/~jessf/psw/\n\nDatabase Entry done by Joshua Reilly\nwith lyrics and Production info by Jessica Folkins
This rock cd contains 11 tracks and runs 39min 3sec.
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  1. Pushstart Wagon - Open (02:59)
    now brother if you'd reach out i'd take your hand\ni love you more then i love myself\n\nthere doesn't need to be any fear in your heart\nmy home is opened up to you\nit's never closed or locked, the door...\n\n it's open, it's open, it's open, it's o
  2. Pushstart Wagon - I Will (Run For Cover) (03:44)
    take these words from my mouth\ntake these words and spit them out\nif you could i know you would\n\nyou asked me for water\nand like a father to his daughter\ni said, "if i had some i swear\nthat i'd give it to you..."\n\n i will\n\nheld up a sign "w
  3. Pushstart Wagon - Weird (03:11)
    dear one,\n I was afried to tell you what i knew to be true\n how's your heart? mine's screaming,\n bleeding and bruised\n i told you what i felt\n and you told me that it was weird\n somehow i knew that you'd say that\n it's t
  4. Pushstart Wagon - Heart-Throb (03:59)
    I'm standing here in the ice-cold rain\n and you're staring at me warmly\n\n i want to be the kind of guy\n who won't always say he's sorry\n\n ...i'm sorry, i'm sorry\n\nbush my darling drink it in...\n...your heart throbbing\n\ndon'
  5. Pushstart Wagon - A Different Hue (03:49)
    the sun is out, piercing through the clouds\nglistening, the waves are crashing down so loud\n\nall i can think of is you\nyou paint my world a different...\n\nthe ocean breeze, tempting me to stay the night\nthe colors here, i've never seen a shade so br
  6. Pushstart Wagon - Sonny (03:09)
    Where did you run off today?\nthere's no signs anywhere\nof life-forms real or unashamed\non this planet all your own\n\nalthough you seem to look content\ni know you don't feel alright\nthere's those monsters in your room\nthat make you scared in the mid
  7. Pushstart Wagon - Affection (03:37)
    this girl i know don't care to think about\nthe way her life is going\nshe treats a touch like it was a breath\nbut every breath we breath is fleeting\n\nshe says, "they'll call me a slut"\nshe says, "they give me such a hard time"\n\n"this is the way i u
  8. Pushstart Wagon - Terrifying (03:45)
    i took the elevator from the 13th\nstraight down to your door\nand i thought it strange\nthe bellhop worked at\nthe grocery store\n\ni flew an aeroplane and i just\nlearned to fly the other day\nand to my dismay\nthe pilot worked at the circle k\n\n w
  9. Pushstart Wagon - Tightrope Boy (03:24)
    it's like a circus where i live\nfools dressed in clown suits and colored bibs\nthey offer gold to buy my soul\nno way i'll join your clown patrol\n\n enlighten me and i might come down from here\n give me something more,\n give me something m
  10. Pushstart Wagon - Surfs Up on 64th (03:50)
    hey man, can you look me in the eyes\nwhen you say what you say?\nI'm not suprised, I'm not suprised.\n\nhey man, can you just walk around\ninstead of walking by?\nI'm not suprised, i'm not suprised.\n\n i'm no good\n no good\n\nplease wait, can you
  11. Pushstart Wagon - I Take U Everywhere I Go (03:30)
    I took you to the show / you didn't want to go /\nyou're always saying no\nif you wouldn't mind / i'm gonna take my time /\nstanding here in line\ni have my own i.d. / i'm only drinking tea /\nwhy you staring back at me..?\n\n i take u everywhere i go

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