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Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (1981)
Chicago XV - Chicago's Greatest Hits, Vol. II\n1987 Columbia Records, Inc.\n\nOriginally Releas from 1969-1974 was that their albums always contained a combination of material that sounded gicago VIII, the band's collective eccentricities took a back seat to Peter Cetera's vocals and e," and "If You Leave Me Now." However, It does contain a few tracks from the previous era that, February 7, 2002 \nReviewer: "poppi62" (Memphis, TN USA)\nAs astutely noted in another reviewection without any significant releases.For a casual collector, this CD contains some successfun putting the collection together. Dialogue involves only Part II, while Questions 67 and 68, Nand's low point to the addition of Bill Champlin and second life. It conjurs memories of the baHits Volume II is a good way to introduce someone to the band's music and its uniqueness. It al000\nReviewer: Anthony G Pizza "trivialtony" (FL)\nThe year of this CD's original release (1981st Peter Cetera solo album. "Greatest Hits Vol. II" represents how much the group meant to Coluf You Leave Me Now" and its 1977 follow-up, "Baby What A Big Suprise.") The rest of the disc flDs?) We get neither early chart hits like "Free" and "Lowdown" (both from 1971's criminally diss would change the next year thanks to the new label, new producer (David Foster) and Chicago 1us, while not the worst selection is their catalogue, "GHII" is certainly the least relevant.\nir grouping of Chicago's hits from the late 1970's. Later compilations such as Group Portrait aPart I which contains the verbal exchange between Kath and Cetera is strangely absent. Someone as worthy as Volume One, this CD places some big hits next to some oddities. Many of the track-ballads "If You Leave Me Now" and "Baby What a Big Surprise" will find them here. No liner not
This rock cd contains 10 tracks and runs 35min 49sec.
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  1. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Baby what a big surprise (03:04)
  2. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Dialogue (part II) (04:11)
  3. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - No tell lover (03:48)
  4. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Alive again (03:34)
  5. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Old days (03:30)
  6. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - If you leave me now (03:56)
  7. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Questions 67 & 68 (03:28)
  8. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Happy man (03:16)
  9. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Gone long gone (03:58)
  10. Chicago (Greatest Hits Vol. 2) - Take me back to Chicago (02:57)

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