Coldplay: Live Cologne, Germany April 7Th 2005 At The Gloria CD Track Listing

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Coldplay Live Cologne, Germany April 7Th 2005 At The Gloria (2005)
Coldplay: Live Cologne, Germany April 7th 2005 at the Gloria \n\nThis is another one of the secret concerts.\nI seeded this at PLG for about 2 month ago. More than 400 people leeched it in this time. \nI think, now is the time coming to seed it here. Because, I saw this in the last weeks several time on ebay/UK (damn for this!!) \nand today i bought my tickets for the oberhausen-show at the end of october. (SMILE!!!)\n\nThis was broadcast by NDR2 (german broadcast station) on June 20th and i got it thru analog satellite radio broadcast.\nIt was recorded by another german radio-broadcast station "Eins Live". \n\nThe "Gloria"-Location is a very small club. They played for about 800 people.\n\nOn PC-side i used Magix cleaning lab 2003 to record this. I connected the pc on the output from the tape-recorder.\nOn the Input-side was my hifi-receiver which was connected to the sat-receiver. \n\nLineage: analog satellite radio broadcast --> Magix Cleaning Lab2003 --> waves --> FLACs (SBE Level8) --> you\n\nQuality: A+ (for my ears)\n\nSetlist: (running time 76 Min.)\nSquare One\nPolitik\nSpeed of Sound\nGod put a smile upon your face\nWarning Sign\nX&Y\nYellow\nLow\nThe Scientist\nTill Kingdom Come\nClocks\nWhat If\nIn my Place\nA Message\nFix you\n\nI deleted the 10:00 PM news after clocks (with weather report and traffic information!!!). You will hear nothing from that, but\nI can't explain with my poor english, how i hate this, when they're doing such things like that. \n\nAgainst the PLG-seed i put in a very simply artwork and fingerprints. (also changed the info-file)\n\nDo NOT encode to MP3 or any other lossy compression format!! \nThis is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!! \n\nEnjoy!! \n\nBefore it forget, I'm capped by 15kb/sec so please be patient.
This rock cd contains 15 tracks and runs 76min 46sec.
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  1. Coldplay - Square One (05:34)
  2. Coldplay - Politik (05:33)
  3. Coldplay - Speed Of Sound (04:46)
  4. Coldplay - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (05:23)
  5. Coldplay - Warning Sign (05:34)
  6. Coldplay - X&Y (04:30)
  7. Coldplay - Yellow (04:40)
  8. Coldplay - Low (05:45)
  9. Coldplay - The Scientist (06:05)
  10. Coldplay - Till Kingdom Come (04:13)
  11. Coldplay - Clocks (05:28)
  12. Coldplay - What If (05:13)
  13. Coldplay - In My Place (04:06)
  14. Coldplay - A Message (04:48)
  15. Coldplay - Fix You (04:58)

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