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The Vogues The Vogues' Greatest Hits (1988)
Originally Released 1988\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: A doo wop vocal group from the Pittsburgh area, the Vogues started well in the mid-'60s with "You're the One," an infectious bit of folk-rock with enough of a British Invasion feel to earn it heavy play on AM radio. "Five O'Clock World" was an even better single, a two-minute blast of timeless release, chronicling the feel of getting off work with the whole night still ahead, that one instant when everything is a possibility and the future has not yet arrived with its schedule of deadlines and pressures. Few pop songs have ever caught that moment with more


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  1. The Vogues - You're The One (02:23)
  2. The Vogues - Five O'Clock World (02:09)
  3. The Vogues - Magic Town (03:13)
  4. The Vogues - The Land Of Milk And Honey (02:46)
  5. The Vogues - True Lovers (02:53)
  6. The Vogues - Just The Way You Are (02:18)
  7. The Vogues - Please Mr. Sun (02:23)
  8. The Vogues - Lovers Of The World Unite (02:30)
  9. The Vogues - Just What I've Been Looking For (02:44)
  10. The Vogues - Turn Around Look At Me (02:47)
  11. The Vogues - My Special Angel (03:00)
  12. The Vogues - Till (02:21)
  13. The Vogues - Woman Helping Man (03:13)
  14. The Vogues - No, Not Much (03:23)
  15. The Vogues - Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) (02:35)
  16. The Vogues - Moments To Remember (03:48)
  17. The Vogues - Green Fields (03:21)
  18. The Vogues - Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (03:30)

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