Paul Simon: Hearts And Bones (Expanded + Remastered) CD Track Listing

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Paul Simon Hearts And Bones (Expanded + Remastered) (1983)
2004 Warner Strategic Marketing\n\nOriginally Released October 1983\nCD Edition Released 1989?\nRemastered + Expanded CD Edition Released July 13, 2004\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Hearts and Bones was a commercial disaster, the lowest-charting new studio album of Paul Simon's career. It is also his most personal collection of songs, one of his most ambitious, and one of his best. It retains a personal vision, one largely devoted to the challenges of middle-aged life, among them a renewed commitment to love; the title song was a notable testament to new romance, while "Train in the Distance" reflected on romantic discord. Elsewhere, "The Late Great Johnny Ace" was his meditation on John Lennon's murder and how it related to the mythology of pop music. Musically, Simon moved forward and backward simultaneously, taking off from the jazz fusion style of his last two albums into his old loves of doo wop and rock & roll while also incorporating current sounds with such new collaborators as dance music producer Nile Rodgers and minimalist composer Philip Glass. The result was Simon's most impressive collection in a decade and the most underrated album in his catalog. ~ William Ruhlmann\n\ Editorial Reviews\nOne of Paul Simon's most accomplished albums, Hearts & Bones is also among his least appreciated, a commercial disappointment at the time of its release due more to Simon's darker themes than to any discernible decline in his powers as a songwriter or instincts as a producer. The best songs here are among his most nakedly self-referential, from the bittersweet title song, sifting through the ashes of his failed marriage, to the self-recriminating "Think Too Much (a)" (as if to prove the point, he includes two songs with the title) and the fatalistic "Train in the Distance." "Ren


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  1. Paul Simon - Allergies (04:39)
  2. Paul Simon - Hearts And Bones (05:39)
  3. Paul Simon - When Numbers Get Serious (03:26)
  4. Paul Simon - Think Too Much (b) (02:45)
  5. Paul Simon - Song About The Moon (04:11)
  6. Paul Simon - Think Too Much (a) (03:05)
  7. Paul Simon - Train In The Distance (05:12)
  8. Paul Simon - Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War (03:45)
  9. Paul Simon - Cars Are Cars (03:15)
  10. Paul Simon - The Late Great Johnny Ace (04:53)
  11. Paul Simon - Shelter Of Your Arms (Unissued Work In Progress) (03:11)
  12. Paul Simon - Train In The Distance (Original Acoustic Demo) (03:13)
  13. Paul Simon - Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War (Original Acoustic Demo) (03:47)
  14. Paul Simon - The Late Great Johnny Ace (Original Acoustic Demo) (03:21)

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