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Bathory Destroyer Of Worlds (2001)
Produced by Quorthon\nAccording to Quorthon they weren't able to come up with a a good name for the little demo studio were "Destroyer.." was recorded.\nReleased October 8th 2001\n\nNotes:\nBathory's first new studio album in more than six years - not counting "Blood on Ice" as a "new" album - contains several different styles of music with lyrics dealing about topics such as society, death, motorcycles and ice hockey... \nThere are some misprints on the tracklisting on the back of the CD as well as in the lyric sheet. It differs from what you actually hear on the CD. "Pestilence" is listed as #4 and "Bleeding" as #5, while "Kill Kill Kill" is listed as #8 and "Krom" as #10. In other words, four tracks have switched places. Apparently, the tracklisting changed after the artworks were ready and this should be the case when the CD is released as well.\n\n Music:\nQuite various, but most songs are in the Epic Metal and Rock 'N' Roll vein, also some Thrash here and there.\n\nThanks list:\nNo thanks list, but there are a few credits:\nProduced By Quorthon\nAll music and lyrics by Quorthon for BATHORY\nCopyright, publishing rights and production Black Mark 2001\n\nAlbum design by BATHORY and Black Mark\nThis is a product Of Sweden\nP&C Black Mark AB
This rock cd contains 13 tracks and runs 66min 1sec.
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  1. Bathory - Lake Of Fire (05:43)
  2. Bathory - Destroyer Of Worlds (04:51)
  3. Bathory - Ode (06:27)
  4. Bathory - Bleeding (03:55)
  5. Bathory - Pestilence (06:50)
  6. Bathory - 109 (03:36)
  7. Bathory - Death From Above (04:35)
  8. Bathory - Krom (02:50)
  9. Bathory - Liberty & Justice (03:52)
  10. Bathory - Kill Kill Kill (03:09)
  11. Bathory - Sudden Death (03:19)
  12. Bathory - White Bones (08:35)
  13. Bathory - Day Of Wrath (08:11)

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