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House Of Large Sizes Portfolio EP2 (2003)
Second in a series of three (a continuation)\n\nComposed, arrranged, recorded, and mixed September 1-12, 2003 at Fern Recording Service, Holland, IA. Engineered and mixed by Moody Blaine. Design and photos by Dana Lechtenberg.\n\nHOLS: Dave, Barb, and Brent\n\\n\nTake that Device!\n
This rock cd contains 5 tracks and runs 18min 41sec.
Freedb: 32045f05
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  1. House Of Large Sizes - Wasp Killer (03:11)
  2. House Of Large Sizes - Keys To The City (03:31)
  3. House Of Large Sizes - Trendy Allusions (04:02)
  4. House Of Large Sizes - Meet Me At Kum & Go (02:54)
  5. House Of Large Sizes - Portfolio (04:59)

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