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Crowded House: Fingers Of Love (Part 2) (CDCL 715) CD Track Listing

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Crowded House Fingers Of Love (Part 2) (CDCL 715) (1994)
CD fits in with first CD of series; comes\nwith lyrics to the last seven songs of the Together Alone album;\n"Pineapple" recorded at The Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, April 1994;\n"Strong" recorded at The Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA, 18 March\n1994.
This rock cd contains 4 tracks and runs 17min 34sec.
Freedb: 32041c04
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  1. Crowded House - Fingers Of Love (04:27)
  2. Crowded House - Catherine Wheels (05:12)
  3. Crowded House - Pineapple Head (Live) (04:12)
  4. Crowded House - Something So Strong (Live) (03:38)

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