Art of Noise: The Fon Mixes CD Track Listing

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Art of Noise The Fon Mixes (1991)
Not Originally by The Art of Noise...\nA Remix Compilation, a good one! YEAR: 1991
This rock cd contains 14 tracks and runs 49min 13sec.
Freedb: b60b870e
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  1. Art of Noise - Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (Prodigy Mix) (03:38)
    The Prodigy Mix
  2. Art of Noise - Yebo (Interlude 1) (Mark Gamble Mix) (01:17)
    A Mark Gamble Mix
  3. Art of Noise - Roller 10 (Rhythmatic Mix) (04:47)
    The Rhythmatic Mix
  4. Art of Noise - Back to Backbeat (Robert Gordon Mix) (04:27)
    The Robert Gordon Mix
  5. Art of Noise - Shades of Paranoimia (Carl Cox Mix) (03:42)
    The Carl Cox Mix
  6. Art of Noise - Ode to a O.J. (Interlude 2) (Mark Gamble Mix) (01:09)
    A Mark Gamble Mix
  7. Art of Noise - Catwalk (Ground Mix) (05:02)
    The Ground Mix
  8. Art of Noise - Dragnet and Peter Gunn Have a Day at the Races (Interlude 3) (Mark Gamble Mix) (01:26)
    A Mark Gamble Mix
  9. Art of Noise - Legs (Graham Massey Mix) (03:17)
    The Graham Massey Mix
  10. Art of Noise - L.E.F. (Mark Brydon Mix) (05:00)
    The Mark Brydon Mix
  11. Art of Noise - I of the Needled (Sweet Exorcist Mix) (04:34)
    The Sweet Exorcist Mix
  12. Art of Noise - Crusoe (LFO Mix) (03:44)
    The LFO Mix
  13. Art of Noise - The Art of Slow Love (05:12)
    Remixed by Youth
  14. Art of Noise - No Sun (Interlude 4) (Mark Gamble Mix) (01:47)
    A Mark Gamble Mix

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