Control Denied: The Fragile Art Of Existence CD Track Listing

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Control Denied The Fragile Art Of Existence (1999)
(C) + (P) 1999 Nuclear Blast (NB 415-2) YEAR: 1999
This rock cd contains 8 tracks and runs 50min 51sec.
Freedb: 6c0be908
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  1. Control Denied - Consumed (07:24)
    ou wear the chains that I wear\nThe ones that rub me raw\n\nEvery time it is the same three words\nEvery time the number speaks\nAnd when you see me and you think I am there\nYou will know that it isjust a dream\n\n felt the fears you shed\nYou thought
  2. Control Denied - Breaking The Broken (05:41)
    ure to taste the bl ood you bled\nThe chase has ended in denialof glory\nTo trap and add to your servant souls\n're breaking the broken\nWe were set free, wh at is to be?\nWhen its all said and done what is left to really say?\nTo be one turns to none n
  3. Control Denied - Expect The Unexpected (07:17)
    I'm holding on with allmy might\nTo this ride we call life\nStra pped down to clarity\nSuprised no more\n\ned\nAnd you will s ave yourself a state of shock\n\nAnother lesson learned to go with the ot hers\nThat sit and wait to see\nA silent voice\n\nIt do
  4. Control Denied - What If...? (04:29)
    r dark with just a beam of light\nIt might be worth to take a close lo ok at infinity\n\nar\nLook close between the lines\nBeyond what you believe to be real\nAre they just theories of time\n\nBehold the toot h of yesterday\nIt holds t\nFrom history some
  5. Control Denied - When The Link Becomes Missing (05:17)
    or\nReflection is living proof\n\nWhat will th ey do when the link they live becomes\nmissing?\nWill they survive?\nWhen the link they breathe becomes missing\n\nWhen we see the face of evil\nI t will be the demon reality\n\n\nA tool to do good has gone
  6. Control Denied - Believe (06:10)
    e thoughts I choose to\nstand...\nAwaiting discovery\n ago or yesterday\nC lose to the top there's no looking down\n\nWhen you believe\nDo you belie ve?\nIf you believe\nYou must believe!\n\nIf I was paid for disappointmen ts I would be a wealthy man\nThe
  7. Control Denied - Cut Down (04:50)
    r a win\nThe rewar d is to survive\n\nAs you breathe you abuse the gift of life\nInhaling ho pe into your black heart\nNo guilt noshame once again empty words are to \nblame\n shattered dreams broken by you\n\nYou'll be c ut down to size when we're done w
  8. Control Denied - The Fragile Art Of Existence (09:37)
    elling on what should have been\nBut is yet to be\n\nTakethe plunge, take the chance\nS afe in the heart and soul from elements\nSpawned by those void of no self -worth\nAnd no sense of dreams\nn\nFor granted I do not takethe future\nTo be changed by tr

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