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Babys Broken Heart (1977)
Originally Released September 1977\nCD Edition Released \nRemastered One Way 2-fer CD Edition Released March 13, 2001\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: On Broken Heart, the Babys make good on the sense of potential that was only hinted at on their debut release. The band found a sympathetic producer this time out in Ron Nevison, who applied the same basic production strategy he used on Lights Out for UFO: He gives the band a sharp, precise recording that fully brings out their power while balancing out the heavier elements of their sound with sophisticated orchestrations that broaden their sound into a cinematic realm. The Babys live up to this ambitious style of production by stepping up to the plate with a collection of songs that are tight, catchy, and full of rock & roll conviction. Highlights include "Give Me Your Love," a steamy mid-tempo rocker that shows off Michael Corby's skill at the keyboards, and the title track, which balances its hard-hitting attack with catchy pop hooks to create an effective, guitar-driven slab of power pop. Broken Heart also gave the Babys their first taste of singles chart success with one its few outside contributions: "Isn't It Time" is an effective power ballad that alternates lush, orchestrated verses with a fiery chorus driven by female backup vocals and a punchy horn arrangement. The end result is an album that is a quantum leap forward from The Babys in every way. Broken Heart is undoubtedly one of the crown jewels in the Babys' catalog and a worthwhile listen for any fan of big-production AOR rock. -- Donald Guarisco
This rock cd contains 10 tracks and runs 37min 26sec.
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  1. Babys - Wrong Or Right (03:26)
  2. Babys - Give Me Your Love (03:37)
  3. Babys - Isn't It Time (04:04)
  4. Babys - And If You Could See Me Fly (02:52)
  5. Babys - The Golden Mile (05:02)
  6. Babys - Broken Heart (03:02)
  7. Babys - I'm Falling (03:56)
  8. Babys - Rescue Me (03:51)
  9. Babys - Silver Dreams (03:01)
  10. Babys - A Piece Of The Action (04:28)

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