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Santana: Millenium CD Track Listing

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Santana Millenium (2000)
They say, of course, what goes around comes around. Within the space of ayear Santana have moved from being a hugely influential memory and are nowriding a massive wave of wolrd popoularity with the album Supernatural and the Rob Thomas co-written single "Smooth". The album is number one around the world and new generations are waking up to the sound of the man andgroup thot so shook the Woodstock festival all the way back in 1969. If you are coming to this work either as a lifelong Santana completist, or youare inquisitive for a delve in the group's back catalogue, this collectionis ideal for you. Taken from the lesser known work of the group from the1990's, it gathers recordings from the Milagro, the Sacred Fire and the Santana Brothers albums. YEAR: 2000
This rock cd contains 12 tracks and runs 73min 58sec.
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  1. Santana - Samba Pa Ti /El Mansisero Forest Flower Sunset/ Brazil Breezin' (Live) (06:40)
    /El Mansisero Forest Flower Sunset/ Brazil Breezin'
  2. Santana - Contigo (With You) (04:54)
  3. Santana - La Danza (06:54)
  4. Santana - Oye Como Va /El Pito (Live) (05:04)
    /El Pio
  5. Santana - Your Touch (06:36)
  6. Santana - Free All The People (06:06)
  7. Santana - Make Sombody Happy (04:15)
  8. Santana - Guajiara (Live) (06:09)
  9. Santana - Milagro (07:08)
  10. Santana - Esperando (Live) (05:58)
  11. Santana - Ji-Go-Lo-Ba (Live) (05:15)
  12. Santana - Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Qeueen / Paint it Black (Live) (08:52)

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