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Steve Winwood: Roll With It CD Track Listing

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Steve Winwood Roll With It (1988)
1988 EMD/VIRGIN Musicians: Tessa Niles Mike Lawler Mark Williamson \n\nRobbie Kilgore Paul Pesco Bashiri Johnson Jimmy Bralower John Robinson \n\nEngineer Tom Lord Alge Producer Steve Winwood; Tom Lord Alge ID3G: \n\n17
This rock cd contains 8 tracks and runs 44min 48sec.
Freedb: 630a7e08
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  1. Steve Winwood - Roll With It (05:20)
    h it, baby, Come on and just roll with it, baby\n
  2. Steve Winwood - Holding On (06:16)
    be too much\n
  3. Steve Winwood - The Morning Side (05:14)
    he morning side I feel my life begin\nLet's begin\n
  4. Steve Winwood - Put On Your Dancing Shoes (05:12)
    e modern blues\nPut on your dancing shoes, it'll see you through\n
  5. Steve Winwood - Don't You Know What The Night Can Do? (06:55)
    night can do?\n
  6. Steve Winwood - Hearts On Fire (05:17)
    o of us sat talking together\nI wanted to make her part of my life\n
  7. Steve Winwood - One More Morning (05:00)
    o come
  8. Steve Winwood - Shining Song (05:28)
    hining right down the line

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