The Residents: Gingerbread Man CD Track Listing

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The Residents Gingerbread Man (1994)
This rock cd contains 10 tracks and runs 36min 38sec.
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  1. The Residents - The Weaver (03:52)
    The fool and the death-maker die alone\n
  2. The Residents - The Dying Oilman (03:13)
    Blinded by the hostages of fortune\n
  3. The Residents - The Confused Transsexual (03:12)
    Stamen and pistillate together again\n
  4. The Residents - The Sold-Out Artist (03:47)
    Black are the legs inside the white sepulcher\n
  5. The Residents - The Ascetic (04:07)
    Shadows doubt the strength of the sun\n
  6. The Residents - The Old Soldier (03:31)
    Safety sells, but war always wins\n
  7. The Residents - The Aging Musician (04:51)
    Narcissus knows no one naked\n
  8. The Residents - The Butcher (03:04)
    The flesh of animals angers anew... and moos\n
  9. The Residents - The Old Woman (04:32)
    Kissless are the isolated, rootless are their tongues\n
  10. The Residents - Ginger's Lament (02:22)

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