The Legendary Pink Dots: The Pre-Millennial Single CD Track Listing

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The Legendary Pink Dots The Pre-Millennial Single (1998)
The Legendary Pink Dots were:\nRyan Moore\nThe Prophet Qa'spel\nSilverman\nNiels van Hoornblower\nEdwin von Trippenhof\nFrank Verschuuren\nHalekka Malaizhista\n\nContact LPDs at:\nPostbus 38253, 6503 AG Nijmegen, NL\n(please include 2 I.R.C.s)\nJoin LPD friend's club, Write to:\\nVisit the official LPD homepage:\n\n\n\nSoleilmoon Recordings\nPO Box 83296, Portland OR 97283 USA\\nPO Box 11453, 1001 GL Amsterdam NL\\n\n\n{submitted by who's roomate - to much envy - obtained this disc in advance}
This rock cd contains 4 tracks and runs 33min 28sec.
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  1. The Legendary Pink Dots - Hellsville '98 (06:08)
    Fixing on a lonely star on 4 Avengers morning, on the\nblood stained steps of Hope, forgotten, carrying our\ncross like guilty children waiting 'til our father's home.\nHel'' crack our backs, he'll break our bones. His iron rod\nwill comb the hair that st
  2. The Legendary Pink Dots - Needles (version Sirius) (10:04)
  3. The Legendary Pink Dots - Andromeda Suite '98 (11:08)
    Andromeda Part 1...\n\nTake this cup, dissolve with me. Tonight's a\none way voyage through your mind where all\nthe doors open wide, where everything's\nexposed... Kill all fear. Take this and sign\nalong the dotted line. Free yourself. No\npossessions!
  4. The Legendary Pink Dots - Abracadabra zzzz (06:04)

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