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Vicious Rumors Plug In And Hang On (1992)
Plug In Hang On Recorded Live On Vicious Rumors 1991 Welcome To The Ball Tour. This Recording Was Recorded Live In Tokyo, Japan!! The Band Line Up Was Vocals: Carl Albert, Guitars: Mark Mc Gee And Geoff Thorpe, Bass: Dave Starr And Drums: Larry Howe.
This rock cd contains 8 tracks and runs 48min 0sec.
Freedb: 6c0b3e08
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  1. Vicious Rumors - Abandoned (04:36)
  2. Vicious Rumors - Saviour From Anger (04:19)
  3. Vicious Rumors - Down To The Temple (05:18)
  4. Vicious Rumors - Ship Of Fools (04:25)
  5. Vicious Rumors - Lady Took A Chance (11:04)
  6. Vicious Rumors - When Love Comes Down (06:45)
  7. Vicious Rumors - March Or Die (06:23)
  8. Vicious Rumors - Don't Wait For Me (05:06)

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