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The Everly Brothers In Our Image (1966)
In Our Image\n2005 Collectors' Choice Music\n\nOriginally Released 1966\nCollectors' Choice CD Edition Released August 2, 2005\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: The Everly Brothers were still in the game in 1966, and still capable of producing good tracks that didn't sound like anachronistic 1950s throwbacks. At the same time they were erratic, and their material wasn't nearly as consistent as what they procured in their heyday. This album very much reflects the Everlys' strengths and problems in the era. Overall, it's decent, yet it lacks anything on the killer level of their best vintage hits, with the arguable exception of "The Price of Love" (which was a big hit in Britain). The production is for the most part good, managing to incorporate the jangly full electric guitars coming to the forefront all over rock in the mid-'60s without diluting the Everlys' strongest assets: their harmonies. There was also access to some fine outside songwriters, such as Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, who as a team contributed one of the best tracks, "Glitter and Gold." Still, the songs were just kinda good, not excellent, and occasionally they were below average or inappropriately cute, as in "Lovey Kravezit" especially. Still, all things considered, it's one of their better 1960s LPs, one worth finding by Everly Brothers fans, especially as most of the tracks have not been reissued on CD. Incidentally, Don Everly's ballad "It's All Over" would be covered for a Top Ten British hit the following year by Cliff Richard. -- Richie Unterberger\n\ Product Description\nAnother lost Everlys classic, this 1966 album collected most of the singles the duo had recorded over the past year or so, many of which hit the charts in Britain but flopped in America. Which is why this LP only reached #104 on the Billboard charts, but don't let that stop you--this is prime Everly Brothers, full of their trademark sound but showing hints of the British Invasion and folk-rock currents coursing around them in pop music. First time on CD! \n\ Album Notes\nThe Everly Brothers: Don Everly, Phil Everly\nRecording information: 1966
This rock cd contains 12 tracks and runs 28min 10sec.
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  1. The Everly Brothers - Leave My Girl Alone (02:22)
    Lynch, Giant, Baum, Kaye
  2. The Everly Brothers - (Why Am I) Chained To A Memory (02:07)
    Rogers, Ahlert
  3. The Everly Brothers - I'll Never Get Over You (02:09)
    Don Everly, Phil Everly
  4. The Everly Brothers - The Doll House Is Empty (02:00)
    Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller
  5. The Everly Brothers - Glitter And Gold (02:40)
    Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
  6. The Everly Brothers - (You Got) The Power Of Love (02:37)
    Cooper, Bramlett
  7. The Everly Brothers - The Price Of Love (02:07)
    Don Everly, Phil Everly
  8. The Everly Brothers - It's All Over (02:19)
    Don Everly
  9. The Everly Brothers - I Used To Love You (02:15)
    Sonny Curtis
  10. The Everly Brothers - Lovey Kravezit (02:37)
    Howard Greenfield, Jack Keller
  11. The Everly Brothers - June Is As Cold As December (02:52)
    Marge Barton
  12. The Everly Brothers - It Only Costs A Dime (01:56)
    Don Everly, Phil Everly

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