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Metallica: Load CD Track Listing

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Metallica Load (1996)
JAMES HETFIELD - GUITARS, VOCALS\n\nLARS ULRICH - DRUMS\n\nKIRK HAMMETT - GUITARS\n\nJASON NEWSTED - BASS\n\n\n\nProduced by Bob Rock with Hetfield & Ulrich\n\n\n\nRecorded by Randy Staub\n\nAssisted by Brian Dobbs & Kent Matcke\n\nDigital Edits by Paul DeCarli\n\nAssisted by Mike Gillies &Chris Vrenna\n\n\n\nRecorded at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, California,at various points in time between May '95 & February '96\n\nAdditional recording at Right Track Recording, New York\n\nEngineered by Brian Dobbs\n\nAssisted by Jason Gldstein\n\n\n\nMixed at Right Track Recording, NewYork, March-April '96\n\nMixed by Randy Staub\n\nAssisted by Matt Curry\n\nAdditional Mixing by Mike Fraser at Quad Recording Studios, New York\n\nAssisted by Mike Rew\n\n\n\nThanks to everyone involved at The Plant and at Right Track!\n\n\n\nMastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound\n\n\n\nAlbum Design by Andre Airfix at Satori\n\nPhotography by Anton Corbijn\n\nFront Cover Artwork by Andres Serrano\n\n\n\nManagement by Q Prime Inc.\n\n\n\nTo find out what's up in the world of Metallica, check out The Metallica Club: the worldwide fan club that's completely guided, controlled, & overseen by the band.\n\nSend a self-adressed stamped envelope to:\n\n\n\nThe Metallica Club, P.O. Box 18327, Knoxville, TN 37928-2327\n\n(From outside of the United States please include an International Reply Coupon)\n\n\n\nOr E-MAIL your full name & postal address to: METCLUB@aol.com\n\nMetallica worldwide web site:\n\nhttp://www.metclub.com\n\n\n\nAll songs c1996 Creeping Death Music (ASCAP) YEAR: 1996 ID3G: 17
This rock cd contains 14 tracks and runs 78min 43sec.
Freedb: c912710e
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  1. Metallica - Ain't My Bitch (05:03)
  2. Metallica - 2 x 4 (05:27)
  3. Metallica - The House Jack Built (06:37)
  4. Metallica - Until It Sleeps (04:28)
  5. Metallica - King Nothing (05:26)
  6. Metallica - Hero Of The Day (04:20)
  7. Metallica - Bleeding Me (08:16)
  8. Metallica - Cure (04:53)
  9. Metallica - Poor Twisted Me (03:59)
  10. Metallica - Wasted My Hate (03:56)
  11. Metallica - Mama Said (05:17)
  12. Metallica - Thorn Within (05:50)
  13. Metallica - Ronnie (05:16)
  14. Metallica - The Outlaw Torn (09:46)

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