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Del Shannon Little Town Flirt (1963)
Originally Released 1963\nCD Edition Released April 4, 1990\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Half of the songs on Shannon's second album--"Runaway," "Hats Off to Larry," "Hey Little Girl," "Kelly," "Little Town Flirt," and "Two Kinds of Teardrops"--are on Greatest Hits. These are also the best and most popular songs on Little Town Flirt, which is filled out with competent but unremarkable covers of early '60s hits like "Go Away, Little Girl," "Runaround Sue," and "Hey Baby." That means that everyone except Shannon collectors should head to Greatest Hits instead. ~ Richie Unterberger
This rock cd contains 12 tracks and runs 30min 8sec.
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  1. Del Shannon - Two Kinds Of Teardrops (02:32)
  2. Del Shannon - Dream Baby (02:34)
  3. Del Shannon - Happiness (02:23)
  4. Del Shannon - Hey, Little Girl (02:33)
  5. Del Shannon - She Thinks I Still Care (02:45)
  6. Del Shannon - Runaway (02:20)
  7. Del Shannon - Runaround Sue (02:39)
  8. Del Shannon - Hats Off to Larry (02:03)
  9. Del Shannon - Kelly (02:37)
  10. Del Shannon - Hey Baby (02:27)
  11. Del Shannon - Go Away, Little Girl (02:20)
  12. Del Shannon - Little Town Flirt (02:47)

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