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Spectrum Indian Summer
(p) & (c) 1993 Silvertone Records Ltd.\nManufactured in the EEC\n\nSonicBoom, Kevin Cowan, Mike Stout\nSpecial thanks to Pat Fish\n\nAll tracks recorded at Planet Studios Coventry\nTracks 3 & 4 recorded live in the studio\nengineered by Tom Lowry\nProduced by Sonic Boom\n\nORECD 45\n5-013705-905827
This rock cd contains 4 tracks and runs 15min 56sec.
Freedb: 2f03ba04
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  1. Spectrum - Indian Summer (03:13)
    (Beat Happening) Copyright Control
  2. Spectrum - Baby Don't You Worry (02:36)
    (D. Torrence) Tiji Music
  3. Spectrum - It's Alright (06:26)
    (B. Diddley) Copyright Control
  4. Spectrum - True Love Will Find You in the End (03:36)
    (D. Johnston) Warner Chaell Music Limited

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