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Soul Coughing: Made Especially for You CD Track Listing

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Soul Coughing Made Especially for You (1995)
This rock cd contains 5 tracks and runs 18min 46sec.
Freedb: 2f046405
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  1. Soul Coughing - Suzy Snowflake (01:59)
  2. Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon (live) (03:27)
    Recorded live on the Howard Stern Show (WXRK).
  3. Soul Coughing - Screenwriter's Blues (live) (06:10)
    Recorded live on Kevin and Bean (KROQ).
  4. Soul Coughing - Collapse (live) (02:55)
    Recorded live at Sonic Studios for Y100 Sonic Session.
  5. Soul Coughing - Janine (live) (04:10)

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