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Long Fin Killie: Hands And Lips (EP) CD Track Listing

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Long Fin Killie Hands And Lips (EP) (1996)
c 1996 Too Pure Records\n\nJamie Watson - Engineer, Artwork \nLong Fin Killie - Producer
This rock cd contains 4 tracks and runs 13min 21sec.
Freedb: 2f031f04
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  1. Long Fin Killie - Hands And Lips (03:15)
    AMG Review\n\nThe four songs on Hands and Lips explore Long Fin Killie's penchant for frantic, syncopated percussion the dreamier elements of the band's album work take a backseat to their uniquely fast-paced and choppy rhythms, with the rest of the inst
  2. Long Fin Killie - Angel (03:08)
    Long Fin Killie \n\nFormed 1994 in Scotland \nDisbanded 1998 \n\nSkill was never an issue with Long Fin Killie. Throughout their five-year existence, the Scottish band released three albums that got better as they got shorter and less complex. The only
  3. Long Fin Killie - Nation (02:46)
  4. Long Fin Killie - Clinch (04:08)

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