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Michael Hedges: Breakfast In The Field CD Track Listing

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Michael Hedges Breakfast In The Field (1981)
Michael Hedges: Guitar\nMichael Manring: Bass\nGeorge Winston: Piano\n\nProduced by William Ackerman\n\nRecorded at The Music Annex\n\tMenlo Park, CA\nEngineered by Russell Bond\nCover Photo by Leo Holub\nLiner Photo by Ron May\nDesign by Anne Robinson\n\nThis was recorded without overdubs or multitracking on a\nMCI JH 110 A analoguetwo-track tape recorder at 30\ninches per second through a Neve8036 console with\nminimal equalization. No noise reduction wasemployed.\nThe guitar was close-miked in stereo with a matched pair\nof AKG 452 EB condenser microphones in a cardiod\npattern.\n\nThis is dedicated to my teachers of composition;\nE. J. Ulrich whosent me on my way, Jean Ivey who let\nme go my own way, and Morris Cotel who asked me\nwhere I was going and why.\n\nThanks to ErvinSomogyi of Berkeley, CA who built the\nsplendid guitar used on most of the tunes in this\nrecording. Thanks also to Ken DuBourgof Arbutus, MD\nwho made the guitar used on Eleven Small Roaches,\nBaby Toes, and Two Days Old.\n YEAR: 1981
This rock cd contains 11 tracks and runs 34min 7sec.
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  1. Michael Hedges - Layover (02:36)
  2. Michael Hedges - The Happy Couple (03:23)
  3. Michael Hedges - Eleven Small Roaches (03:00)
  4. Michael Hedges - The Funky Avocado (02:09)
  5. Michael Hedges - Baby Toes (02:12)
  6. Michael Hedges - Breakfast In The Field (02:27)
  7. Michael Hedges - Two Days Old (04:48)
  8. Michael Hedges - Peg Leg Speed King (03:22)
  9. Michael Hedges - The Unexpected Visitor (02:48)
  10. Michael Hedges - Silent Anticipations (03:21)
  11. Michael Hedges - Lenono (03:54)

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