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Disen Gage Libertage (2006)
Sergei Bagin (guitars, effects)\nEugeny Kudryashov (drums)\nKonstatnin Mochalov (guitars, effects)\nNikolai Syrtsev (basses)\n\nAll tracks were spontaneously composed and improvised on the spot.\nRecorded live with no overdubs by Ian Sourvilo at MYM Records' Studio on january 16, 2006.\nMixed and mastered by Alexei Fedorov at his studio-lab.\nProduced by Disen Gage and Aleksei Fedorov. Executive production for RAIG by Igor Gorely.\nLayout design for RAIG by ZonderZond.\nwww.disengage.ru -- www.raig.ru
This rock cd contains 7 tracks and runs 56min 53sec.
Freedb: 570d5307
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  1. Disen Gage - Entree (05:58)
  2. Disen Gage - The Crash (05:08)
  3. Disen Gage - Attaque De Blindes (07:34)
  4. Disen Gage - Bene Immobile Di Tutti I Sicilia (07:42)
  5. Disen Gage - Der Roboter Werters Dauern Minuten (09:23)
  6. Disen Gage - H5N1 (14:48)
  7. Disen Gage - Sortie (06:15)

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