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Joe Jackson I'm The Man (Japanese Pressing) (1979)
I'm The Man (Japanese Pressing)\n\nOriginally Released October 1979\nCD Edition Released 1987 ??\nRemastered Edition Released August 14, 2001\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Nearly a rewrite of Look Sharp, and capturing all of its brilliance, I'm the Man is pure power-pop -- hook filled, concise, and fun. Includes the wonderful "It's Different for Girls, " a marginal hit in both the U.S. and U.K. -- Chris Woodstra\n\ Editorial Review\nBefore Joe Jackson decided he was an artiste and began experimenting with big-band swing and classical music, he was a snotty punk who looked at other people's relationships with a jaundiced eye. His remastered and expanded 1979 debut contains several of his best-known hits--"Sunday Papers," "Is She Really Going Out with Him?" and "Fools in Love," plus under-recognized classics such as "Baby Stick Around." The simple four-man rock & roll sound suits Jackson's young voice perfectly, and the songs have a pop snap that Jackson unfortunately abandoned as his career progressed. --Steve Knopper \n\nCMJ New Music Report Exclusive Review\nJackson's second LP continues where his debut, LOOK SHARP, left off. It features the same excellent musicians, producer, compelling beat, and the same insistent, urgent tone in Jackson's voice. And, most importantly, Jackson has maintained his freshness and energy. The LP's opener, "On Your Radio," is a standout--a rocker which has Jackson gleefully informing those who pushed or bullied him in his early days that they can't touch him now: "Don't you know you can't get near me! You can only hope to hear me on your radio." Other outstanding cuts include "It's Different For Girls," a beautiful, elegant song with a soft, haunting melody that is different than anything else Jackson has recorded; "Kinda Kute," which is; an upbeat Beatlesque pop tune, "Get That Girl;" and the title track, another scorching rocker. \n


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  1. Joe Jackson - On Your Radio (04:01)
  2. Joe Jackson - Geraldine And John (03:14)
  3. Joe Jackson - Kinda Kute (03:33)
  4. Joe Jackson - It's Different For Girls (03:42)
  5. Joe Jackson - I'm The Man (03:58)
  6. Joe Jackson - The Band Wore Blue Shirts (05:07)
  7. Joe Jackson - Don't Wanna Be Like That (03:42)
  8. Joe Jackson - Amateur Hour (04:05)
  9. Joe Jackson - Get That Girl (03:02)
  10. Joe Jackson - Friday (03:34)

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