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Jimmy Page Outrider (1988)
The Drummer is usually Jason Bonham, the son of\nLed Zepplin's drummer, and the kid playing the drums\nat Madison Square Gardens in one of the numbers on\n"Song Remains the Same."\n\n1) Wasting My Time (Page/Miles)\nElectric Guitars: Jimmy Page\nVocals: John Miles\nBass: Tony Franklin\nDrums: Jason Bonham\n\n2) Wanna Make Love (Page/Miles)\nElectric Guitars: Jimmy Page\nVocal: John Miles\nBass: Durban Laverde\nDrums: Jason Bonham\n\n3) Writes of Winter (Page)\nElectric Guitars: Jimmy Page\nBass: Durban Laverde\nDrums: Jason Bonham\n\n4) The Only One (Page/Plant)\nElectric Guitars: Jimmy Page\nVocals: Robert Plant\nBass: Felix Krish\nDrums: Jason Bonham\n\n5) Liquid Mercury (Page)\nElectric Guitars: Jimmy Page\nBass: Felix Krish\nDrums: Barrymore Barlow\n\n6) Hummingbird (Russel)\nElectric and Synthesizer Guitars: Jimmy Page\nVocal: Chris Farlow\nBass Durban Laverde\nDrums: Jason Bonham\n\n7) Emerald Eyes (Page)\nElectric, Acoustic, and Synthesizer Guitars: Jimmy Page\nBass: Felix Krish\nDrums: Barrymore Barlow\n\n8) Prison Blues (Page/Farlow)\nElectric Guitar: Jimmy Page\nVocal: Chris Farlow\nBass: Felix Krish\nDrums: Jason Bonham\n\n9) Blues Anthem (If I Cannot Have Your Love) (Page/Farlow)\nElectric, Acoustic, and Synthesizer Guitars: Jimmy Page\nBass: Felix Krish\nDrums: Jason Bonham
This rock cd contains 9 tracks and runs 40min 8sec.
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  1. Jimmy Page - Wasting My Time (04:28)
  2. Jimmy Page - Wanna Make Love (05:20)
  3. Jimmy Page - Writes of Winter (03:27)
  4. Jimmy Page - The Only One (04:27)
  5. Jimmy Page - Liquid Mercury (03:04)
  6. Jimmy Page - Hummingbird (05:22)
  7. Jimmy Page - Emerald Eyes (03:20)
  8. Jimmy Page - Prison Blues (07:10)
  9. Jimmy Page - Blues Anthem (03:23)

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