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Metallica: ReLoad CD Track Listing

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Metallica ReLoad (1997)
JAMES HETFIELD - GUITARS, VOCALS\n\nLARS ULRICH - DRUMS\n\nKIRK HAMMETT - GUITARS\n\nJASON NEWSTED - BASS\n\n\n\nProduced by Bob Rock with Hetfield & Ulrich\n\n\n\nRecorded by Randy Staub\n\nAdditional Engineering by Brian Dobbs\n\nAssisted by Kent Matcke, Darren Grahn, Gary Winger and Bernardo Bigalli\n\nDigital Edits by Mike Gillies, Darren Grahn and Paul DeCarli\n\n\n\nAs with LOAD, this album was recorded & mixed at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, California, at various points in time between May '95 & February '96 and between July & October '97\n\n\n\nMixed at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, California, September-October '97\n\nMixed by Randy Staub and Mixed by Mike Fraser\n\n\n\nAdditional editing at Plantation Studios, Maui, Hawaii\n\n\n\nMastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound\n\n\n\nAdditional percussion by Jim McGillveray\n\nHurdy-Gurdy on 'Low Man's Lyric' by David Miles\n\nViolin on 'Low Man's Lyric' by Bernardo Bigalli\n\n\n\nSpecial Thanks to Marianne Faithfull for her vocal contributions on 'The Memory Remains'\n\nMarianne Faithfull appears courtesy of BMG Classics\n\n\n\nOnce again, thanks to all the good people involved at The Plant\n\n\n\nAlbum Design by Andie Airfix at Satori\n\nPhotography by Anton Corbijn\n\nFront Cover Artwork by Andres Serrano\n\n\n\nManagement by Q Prime Inc.\n\n\n\nTo find out what's up in the world of Metallica, check out The Metallica Club: the worldwide fan club that's completely guided, controlled, & overseen by the band.\n\nSend a self-addressed stamped envelope to:\n\n\n\nTHE METALLICA CLUB, P.O. Box 18327, Knoxville, TN 37928-2327\n\n(From outside the U.S., please include an International Reply Coupon)\n\n\n\nOr E-MAIL your full name & postal address to: METCLUB @ aol.com\n\nMetallica worldwide web site: http://www.metclub.com\n\n\n\nAll songs


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  1. Metallica - Fuel (04:28)
  2. Metallica - The Memory Remains (04:39)
  3. Metallica - Devil's Dance (05:18)
  4. Metallica - The Unforgiven II (06:37)
  5. Metallica - Better Than You (05:16)
  6. Metallica - Slither (05:14)
  7. Metallica - Carpe Diem Baby (06:11)
  8. Metallica - Bad Seed (04:07)
  9. Metallica - Where The Wild Things Are (06:54)
  10. Metallica - Prince Charming (06:03)
  11. Metallica - Low Man's Lyric (07:40)
  12. Metallica - Attitude (05:19)
  13. Metallica - Fixxxer (08:08)

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