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Various For Promotional Use Only-Not For Sale
This rock cd contains 9 tracks and runs 38min 49sec.
Freedb: 76091709
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  1. Various - Don't Feel Like Cryin' (03:49)
    Abra Moore\nFrom the Arista Austin \nrelease Strangest Places\n
  2. Various - I Saw The Light (03:44)
    Lori Carson\nFrom the Restless Records release\nEverything I Touch Runs Wild\n
  3. Various - It's Alright, It's OK (04:26)
    Leah Andreone\nFrom the RCA Records release Veiled\n
  4. Various - Running Song (04:26)
    Amber Sunshower\nFrom the Gee Street release\nWalter T. Smith\n
  5. Various - She Cries Your Name (04:48)
    Beth Orton\nFrom the Dedicated Heavenly\nrelease Trailer Park\n
  6. Various - Love Is All Around (03:45)
    Adriana Evans\nFrom the PMP Loud RCA Records\nrelease Adriana Evans\n
  7. Various - Strawberry Wine (Life Is Sweet) (04:30)
    Pat Benatar\nFrom the CMC Records release\nInnomorata\n
  8. Various - Know What You Mean (04:40)
    Sister 7\nFrom the Arista Austin release\nThis The Trip\n
  9. Various - Exile (04:34)
    Aine Minogue\nFrom the RCA Victor release\nBetween The Worlds\n

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