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Graves: Web Of Dharma CD Track Listing

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Graves Web Of Dharma (2002)
The album was recorded in 3 days in Los Angeles, California. A special limited edition of this album was sold at the record release party for this album. It is unknown as to how many copies were pressed. Only difference between the limited edition and the reglar is the artwork on the cd itself. Limited edition CD artwork contains the Grave Diggers Union logo, where as regular edition copies are a variation of the album's cover artwork. The album's artwork was done by James Rowe. \n\nThe album was later re-released in May of 2007 by Michale Graves via the internet store on his website MichaleGraves.net with new artwork by Quincy Smash! as well as a fixed lyrics sheet (the original release contained misspellings).
This rock cd contains 9 tracks and runs 23min 10sec.
Freedb: 76056c09
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  1. Graves - 1 Million Light Years From Her (02:32)
  2. Graves - So Don't You Know (01:59)
  3. Graves - Blackbird (01:51)
  4. Graves - Tell Me (01:46)
  5. Graves - Ophelia (03:36)
  6. Graves - Casket (02:10)
  7. Graves - Attack Of The Butterflies (02:30)
  8. Graves - Shoestrings (03:32)
  9. Graves - Iridescent White Light (03:07)

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