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Long Fin Killie Amelia (1998)
c 1998 Too Pure Records\n\nGuy Fixsen - Mixing \nJamie Watson - Producer, Engineer, Mixing \nLong Fin Killie - Producer \nColin Greig \nKenny McEwan
This rock cd contains 12 tracks and runs 42min 57sec.
Freedb: ac0a0f0c
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  1. Long Fin Killie - British Summertime (02:44)
    AMG Review\n\nThe overwhelming technical proficiency and engaging lyricism of Long Fin Killie remains on Amelia, but it seems here that the group finally mastered control of their strengths and pared them down for a more effective chunk of music, much eas
  2. Long Fin Killie - Lipstick (03:57)
    Long Fin Killie \n\nFormed 1994 in Scotland \nDisbanded 1998 \n\nSkill was never an issue with Long Fin Killie. Throughout their five-year existence, the Scottish band released three albums that got better as they got shorter and less complex. The only
  3. Long Fin Killie - Kismet (04:13)
  4. Long Fin Killie - Resin (03:30)
  5. Long Fin Killie - Sugar Helping (03:51)
  6. Long Fin Killie - Ringer (03:58)
  7. Long Fin Killie - Chrysler (03:28)
  8. Long Fin Killie - Bigger Than England (02:20)
  9. Long Fin Killie - Headlines (03:18)
  10. Long Fin Killie - Gold Swinger (03:53)
  11. Long Fin Killie - Deep House (05:06)
  12. Long Fin Killie - Yawning At Comets (02:31)

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