In the Woods: A Return to the Isle of Men CD Track Listing

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In the Woods A Return to the Isle of Men (1996)
YEAR: 1996
This rock cd contains 7 tracks and runs 56min 50sec.
Freedb: 500d5007
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  1. In the Woods - The Wings of my Dreamland (04:16)
  2. In the Woods - Tell de D
  3. In the Woods - In the Woods... (05:38)
  4. In the Woods - Creations of an Ancient Shape (07:49)
  5. In the Woods - Wotan's Return (11:18)
  6. In the Woods - Heart of the Ages (06:40)
  7. In the Woods - ...And All This From Which Was and Will Never Come Again...(Child of Universal Tongue) (10:19)

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