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rax)Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow (2003 Stereo remaster w CD Track Listing

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rax)Jefferson Airplane Surrealistic Pillow (2003 Stereo remaster w
can't play the liner notes! \nories behind and recording info about--all the tracks, but of course, you uite pleased with them. And oh yes: The liner notes are very good--with stmay want to purchase this one. They were my reason; I needed them and am qned issues of this album, the bonus tracks are really the only reason you lbum. \nIn the meantime, to reiterate: If you have one of the above-mentio singles) are technically of higher quality than those from the original a! Fact is, the bonus tracks (all of which are in stereo outside of the two'll be done someday--either after someone gets smart or after someone diesed, from top to bottom, from the original four-track masters. Perhaps thatalbum. I've thought for quite a long time that this album begs to be remixthe early fade-outs on the tracks which go on a little longer on the mono the standard stereo mix, all the tape hiss is still there, not to mention sion only has two of the mono mixes (the two monster hit singles.) As for mono and stereo mixes of the album: It's great to have both, but this vernot been improved upon. Fans are well aware of the differences between the get it here! That's not to say it doesn't sound good, rather to say it's lbum over the gold disk, the 1996 issue or the 2001 issue, you ain't gonnacaution you: If you're looking for an improved-quality recording of this as 12-string rhythm playing takes the spotlight.\nAll that said, I want to end, an instrumental run-through of "B.C.D.A. -25," on which Paul Kantner's after the album came out. Further, there's an unlisted bonus cut at the ghtning Hopkins' "Come Back Baby," the latter actually recorded a few week original blues "in The Morning," as well as on an excellent reading of Lin the original album. You'll also hear Jorma Kaukonen step out front on an Marty Balin's soulful wail, and a song more than deserving of inclusion o issues. The real killer in the bonus bunch is "Go To Her," a showcase forthis edition of the album, if you don't already own one of the more recentme), but in fact, the extra tracks are really the only reason to purchase liar with all these tracks (scattered through various compilations over ti were cut during the "Pillow" sessions. Airplane aficianados are well fami the added attraction of four songs not on the original LP, three of whiche the ultimate cd issue of this masterpiece--though this latest one offers of the entire pop music era period! That said, I'm afraid we've yet to seeatest albums not only of the Sixties & the folk-rock/psychedelic era, butand likely experienced for yourself) them all. This is truly one of the grrs are well justified--and if you're reading this, I'm sure you've heard ( fan from USA, World \nAll the accolades afforded this album over the yea) \nOnly If You Need The Bonus Tracks, August 31, 2003 \nReviewer: A musicfeel.] -- Bruce Eder\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review (Expanded 2003 Remasterally push Kaukonen even more to the fore and give the material a bluesier cattered around various anthologies and other expanded editions, and generg," "J.P.P. McStep B. Blues," and "Go to Her," which had previously been sody to Love," along with the bonus tracks "Come Back Baby," "In the Morninx (with the exception of the single versions of "White Rabbit," and "Somebf Tamarkin. Two years later the album was reissued yet again, sans mono mio mixes with extensive new annotation by Jefferson Airplane biographer Jef as a single CD in late November of 2001 featuring both the stereo and monared, initially as part of the four-CD set Ignition. This version came outtists from the era ever did. [In 2001, a new remastering of the album appedo a straightforward song. The group never made a better album, and few arerimentation (musical and chemical) began affecting the band's ability to in a happy balance of all of these creative elements, before excessive exp for Tony Bennett) shared the vocals; and the whole album was resplendent n (who never had a prettier song than "Today," which he'd actually writtenn Marty Balin, Slick, Paul Kantner, and Jorma Kaukonen, and Slick and Balithings with these songs on-stage. The songwriting was spread around between't representative of the group's sound, Jefferson Airplane did wonderful the bulk of their repertory; though they later claimed that the record waselease any of the group's shows from this era, when this material made up ong is perfect, and the only pity is that RCA didn't record for official rserving as spiritual and musical advisor and sometimes guitarist). Every sk on most of the lead vocals, are inspired, helped along by Jerry Garcia (elodic and complex, and the performances, sparked by new member Grace Slic "Embryonic Journey," the sensibilities are fierce, the material is both mm the Top Ten singles "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love" to the sublime-rock-based psychedelia, and it hit like a shot heard round the world. Froefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow, was a groundbreaking piece of folkition Released August 19, 2003\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: The second album by Jior Gold CD Edition Released November 6, 2001\nExpanded & Remastered CD Edd CD Edition Released January 30, 1996\nRemastered Silver CD Edition of Prsed August 29, 1989\nRCA Gold CD Edition Released July 18, 1995\nRemastere2003 RCA/BMG Heritage\n\nReleased February 1967\nStandard Edition CD Relea
This rock cd contains 17 tracks and runs 59min 12sec.
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  1. rax)Jefferson Airplane - She Has Funny Cars (03:12)
  2. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (03:00)
  3. rax)Jefferson Airplane - My Best Friend (03:03)
  4. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Today (03:01)
  5. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Comin' Back To Me (05:20)
  6. rax)Jefferson Airplane - 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (03:43)
  7. rax)Jefferson Airplane - D.C.B.A. - 25 (02:39)
  8. rax)Jefferson Airplane - How Do You Feel? (03:33)
  9. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Embryonic Journey (01:55)
  10. rax)Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (02:32)
  11. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Plastic Fantastic Lover (02:40)
  12. rax)Jefferson Airplane - In The Morning (Bonus Track) (06:23)
  13. rax)Jefferson Airplane - J.P.P.McStep B. Blues (Bonus Track) (02:39)
  14. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Go To Her (Version Two, 11/4/66) (04:04)
  15. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Come Back Baby (Bonus Track) (02:58)
  16. rax)Jefferson Airplane - Somebody To Love (Mono Single Version) (03:00)
  17. rax)Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Mono Single Version) (05:20)

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