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The Beach Boys Spirit Of America (Original Capitol CD Edition) (1975)
Originally Released April 14, 1975\nCD Edition Released 1987\nDCC Gold CD Edition Released April 16, 1996\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: A followup to Endless Summer, much weaker in content (except for the inclusion of "Breakaway"), but its near-repeat success helped put the group back in the spotlight.\n\ Customer Review\nSecond shelf Beach Boys, February 14, 1999\nReviewer: A music fan\nSeem like this CD was a catch-all for tunes the label didn't know what to do with. Some of the selections are classic Beach Boys, but tunes like "Spirit of America"; and others are yawners that make us go into the kitchen to browse through the fridge. Die hard fans no doubt need this in their collection, but most could not have it and never miss it.\n\ Review\nAlbum Credits\nBarney Kessel, Contributing Artist\nGlen Campbell, Contributing Artist\nLeon Russell, Contributing Artist\n\nAlbum Notes\nThe Beach Boys: Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, David Marks, Mike Love, Bruce Johnstone.\n\nAdditional personnel includes: Glen Campbell, Tommy Tedesco, Jerry Cole, Barney Kessel, Billy Strange (guitar); Leon Russell, Al De Lory, Don Randi (piano); Ray Pohlman, Carol Kaye, Lyle Ritz, Julius Wechter, Bill Pitman (bass); Hal Blaine (drums); Gene Estes, Frank Capp, Jim Gordon (percussion).\n\nProducers: Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, The Beach Boys.\nEngineers include: Chuck Britz, Jim Lockert, Steve Desper.\n\nPrincipally recorded at Studio 3, Western Recorders, Hollywood, California between 1964 & 1969. \n\nOriginally released on Capitol (11384).\n\nDigitally remastered for Gold Disc by Steve Hoffman.\n\nIronically, the group that came to be known as "America's Band," playing at Republican presidential inaugurals and the like, would become "cool" again at the tail end of their career. By the '90s, the Beach Boys were acknowledged as the inspiration for both hipsters on the order of the High Llamas and Eric Matthews and seminal acts like Big Star and Todd Rundgren. \n\nBeach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson's "mini-symphonies" were initially influenced by some timelessly unhip artists, such as the Four Freshmen, whose post-barbershop-quartet vocals were the sound on which Wilson based his own group's trademark harmonies.They began as pure surf-rockers espousing the delights of Californian beach life, cars and girls over Chuck Berry-inspired backing. It wasn't long before Brian became intrigued with Phil Spector's wall of sound, applying Spector's multi-tracking approach to his own music. PET SOUNDS, the group's masterpiece, showcased Brian's expanded harmonic vocabulary, revolutionary "orchestral pop" arrangements, and the complex harmonies of Brian, brother Carl and the rest of the Boys. \n\nBrian's fragile mental health would soon prevent him from performing with the band, but he continued to write and record with them, producing perfect pop visions from his unique perspective. Along the way, the band simultaneously turned into both an American institution and an unassailable indie-rock reference point.
This rock cd contains 23 tracks and runs 49min 5sec.
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  1. The Beach Boys - Dance, Dance, Dance (02:01)
  2. The Beach Boys - Break Away (02:57)
  3. The Beach Boys - A Young Man Is Gone (02:18)
  4. The Beach Boys - 409 (01:59)
  5. The Beach Boys - The Little Girl I Once Knew (02:38)
  6. The Beach Boys - Spirit Of America (02:20)
  7. The Beach Boys - Little Honda (01:53)
  8. The Beach Boys - Hushabye (02:41)
  9. The Beach Boys - Hawaii (02:04)
  10. The Beach Boys - Drive-In (01:49)
  11. The Beach Boys - Good To My Baby (02:18)
  12. The Beach Boys - Tell Me Why (01:41)
  13. The Beach Boys - Do You Remember? (01:40)
  14. The Beach Boys - This Car Of Mine (01:36)
  15. The Beach Boys - Please Let Me Wonder (02:47)
  16. The Beach Boys - Why Do Fools Fall In Love (02:00)
  17. The Beach Boys - Custom Machine (01:36)
  18. The Beach Boys - Barbara Ann (02:07)
  19. The Beach Boys - Salt Lake City (02:01)
  20. The Beach Boys - Don't Back Down (01:41)
  21. The Beach Boys - When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) (02:00)
  22. The Beach Boys - Do You Wanna Dance? (02:18)
  23. The Beach Boys - Graduation Day (02:25)

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