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Pink Floyd New Title (1967)
Syd Barrett - Lead Guitar & Vocals\nRoger Waters - Bass Guitar & Vocals\nRichard Wright - Organ & Piano\nNick Mason - Drums\n\nProduced by Norman Smith\nRecording Engineer Peter Brown\n\nCover Photography Vic Singh\nCD Booklet Photographs:\nDezo Hoffman, Adrian Boot,\nChris Walters &\nunknown photographers\n\nRemastering supervised by\nJames Guthrie\nMastered by Doug Sax\nAt The Mastering Lab, L.A.\n\nRe-package Design:\nStorm Thorgerson\n& Jon Crossland\n\n\n\n
This rock cd contains 17 tracks and runs 65min 25sec.
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  1. Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (04:01)
    LIME and limpid green,\na second scene,\nA fight between the blue\nyou once knew.\n Floating down, the sound resounds\n Around the icy waters underground\n Jupiter and Saturn Oberon Miranda\n And Titania Neptune Titan\n
  2. Pink Floyd - Lucifer Sam (03:03)
    Syd Barret\n\nLUCIFER Sam Siam cat\nAlways sitting by your side\nAlways by your side\nThat cat's something I can't explain\n\n Jennifer Gentle you're a witch\n You're the left side\n He's the right side oh no\n That cat's something I can't
  3. Pink Floyd - Mathilda Mother (03:04)
    Syd Barret\n\nTHERE was a king\nwho ruled the land\nHis majesty\nwas in command\n With silver eyes the scarlet eagle\n Showered silver on the people\n Oh Mother tell me more\n\n Why'd you have to leave me there\n Hanging in my infant a
  4. Pink Floyd - Flaming (02:43)
    Syd Barret\n\nALONE in the\nclouds all blue\n Lying on an eiderdown, yippee\n You can't see me but I can you\n\n Lazing in the foggy dew\n Sitting on a unicorn no fear\n You can't hear me but I can you\n\n W
  5. Pink Floyd - POW R. TOC H. (04:25)
    Syd Barret, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason
  6. Pink Floyd - Take up thy stethoscope and walk (03:05)
    Roger Waters\n\nDOCTOR\nDoctor\nI'm in bed\nDoctor Doctor\nAching head\n Doctor Doctor gold is lead\n Doctor Doctor choke on bread\n Doctor Doctor underfed\n Doctor Doctor gold is lead\n Doctor Doctor Jesus bled\n
  7. Pink Floyd - Interstellar owerdrive (09:41)
    Syd Barret
  8. Pink Floyd - The Gnome (02:10)
    I WANT to tell\nYou a story\n'Bout a little\nMan if I can\n A gnome named Grimble Gromble\n And little gnomes stay in their homes\n Eating, sleeping, drinking their wine\n\n He wore a scarlet tunic\n A blue-green ho
  9. Pink Floyd - Chapter 24 (03:41)
    ALL movement\nis accomplished\nin six stages,\nand the seventh\nBrings return\nThe seven is the number of the young light\nIt forms when darkness is increased by one\n Change return success\n Going and coming without error\n Action
  10. Pink Floyd - Scarecrow (02:14)
    THE black and green scarecrow\nas everyone knows\nStood with a bird on his hat\nand straw everywhere\nHe didn't care....\n He stood in a field where barley grows.\n His head did no thinking his arms didn't move\n Except when the wi
  11. Pink Floyd - Bike (01:53)
    I'VE got a bike,\nYou can ride it if you like\nIt's got a basket, a bell that rings\nAnd things to make it look good\n I'd give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it\n\n You're the kind of girl that fits in with my world\n I'll g
  12. Pink Floyd - Ducks (01:26)
  13. Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne (02:54)
    Arnold Layne had a strange hobby\nCollecting clothes\nMoonshine washing line\nThey suit him fine\n\nOn the wall hung a tall mirror\nDistorted view, see through baby blue\nHe dug it\nOh, Arnold Layne\nIt's not the same\nTakes two to know\nTwo to know\nTwo
  14. Pink Floyd - Paintbox (03:31)
    Last night I had too much to drink\nSitting in a club with so many fools\nPlaying to rules\nTrying to impress, but feeling rather empty\nI had another drink\nDrink, a drink, a drink, a drink, a drink, ahhhhhh!\n\nWhat a way to spend that evening\nThey all
  15. Pink Floyd - See Emily play (02:52)
    EMILY tries, but misunderstands,\nah ooohh\nShe often inclined to borrow\nsomebody's dreams till tomorrow\n There is no other day\n Let's try it another way\n You'll lose your mind and play\n Free games for May\n Se
  16. Pink Floyd - Julia dream (08:33)
    Sunlight bright upon my pillow,\nLighter than an eiderdown.\nWill she let the weeping willow\nWind his branches 'round?\n\nJulia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams\n\nEvery night I turn the light out,\nWaiting for the velvet bride.\nWill the s
  17. Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe, Eugene (05:58)
    Music: Waters/Wright/Mason/Gilmour\n\n

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