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Delaney & Bonnie And Friends D & B Together (Remastered + Expanded) (1972)
Originally Released 1972\nRemastered + Expanded CD Edition Released April 8, 2003\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: It appears as though the Bramletts were pulling in a lot of markers here in the hopes of getting that elusive hit. On D & B Together, listeners find studio versions of "Only You Know and I Know" and "Superstar," both of which were concert highlights over two years before. Surprisingly, the best cut here is a studio take of "Comin' Home," written with Eric Clapton and featured on the On Tour album. While not as loose as the live cut, "Comin' Home" is great music nonetheless. The problem was, nobody seemed to care much anymore. [The 2003 CD reissue on Columbia/Legacy adds six bonus tracks from Delaney Bramlett and Bonnie Bramlett solo albums that were first released on Columbia in 1972 and 1973.] -- James Chrispell\n\ Product Description\nThe last album Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett made together, this 1972 release boasted the usual superstar cast - Eric Clapton, Dave Mason, Billy Preston, Tina Turner, Steve Cropper, Leon Russell - and such highlights as the hit 'Only You Know and I Know', 'Groupie' (which the Carpenters made into a hit as Superstar), 'Wade in the River of Jordan', and 'Comin' Home'. This remastered 2003 reissue includes six bonus tracks from the Bramletts' solo LPs, 'Over And Over', 'I'm Not Your Lover, Just Your Lovee', 'Good Vibrations', 'Are You A Beatle Or A Rolling Stone', '(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am' & 'California Rain' plus notes and unpublished photos - a key roots-rock release from the early '70s! Columbia. \n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nWhy Aren't These People Big Stars?, May 22, 2003\nReviewer: Howard R. Green Jr. (Boston, MA)\nThe last time I saw Bonnie Bramlet was on the Rosanne show - playing a neighbor who was married to David Crosby - and they all sat around the back yard singing..and she sounded AMAZING! The fact that she is not a huge star with armies of worshiping fans has always mystified me. This is a classic Delaney and Bonnie album. If you like these 2 incredible singers then get this one. Its got "Only You Know and I Know" and "Superstar" which are both worth the cost of the album alone. If you don't know them, then get the live concert album first (with Clapton and Harrison) and listen to it and you will understand why these folks are worthy of our worship and admiration. Then get this album and anything else either of them recorded...Delany and Bonnie Bramlet are simply THE most under-appreciated, unknown and talented rock and rollers that the 60's produced...and don't forget - Eric Clapton stole their band became Derek and the Dominos. I would rate the live album and Motel Shot right up there with anything done by the Beatles, Stones, the late 60's - early 70's D&B could have kicked anyone's butt right off the stage. Their albums are not that easy to find so buy this one..and buy all of them! Spread the word!!\n\ Details \nContributing artists: Billy Preston, Dave Mason, Duane Allman, Eddie Kendricks, Eric Clapton, King Curtis, Leon Russell, Tina Turner \n\nAlbum Notes\nThis reissue contains 6 bonus tracks from solo LP's by both Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.\n\nDelaney & Bonnie: Delaney Bramlett (vocals, guitar); Bonnie Bramlett (vocals).\n\nAdditional personnel includes: Tina Turner, Eddie Kendricks (vocals); Eric Clapton (guitar); King Curtis (saxophone); James Jamerson (bass); Dave Mason, Billy Preston, Duane Allman, Leon Russell, Steve Cropper.\n\nProducers: Delaney Bramlett, David Anderle, Doug Gilmore.\n\nRecorded between 1971 & 1973. Includes liner notes by Greg Martin.
This rock cd contains 18 tracks and runs 59min 27sec.
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  1. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Only You Know And I Know (03:28)
    (D. Mason)\nRecorded 1971
  2. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Wade In The River Of Jordan (02:12)
    (D. Bramlett)\nRecorded 1971
  3. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Sound Of The City (02:40)
    (D. Bramlett/J. Hicks)\nRecorded 1971
  4. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Well, Well (03:03)
    (D. Bramlett)\nRecorded 1971
  5. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - I Know How It Feels To Be Lonely (03:49)
    (B. Sheridan/L. Ware)\nRecorded 1971
  6. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Comin' Home (03:15)
    (B. Sheridan/E. Clapton)\nRecorded 1939
  7. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Move 'Em Out (02:53)
    (S. Cropper/B.Crutcher)\nRecorded 1971
  8. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Big Change Comin' (03:25)
    Comin' (D. Bramlett)\nRecorded 1971
  9. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - A Good Thing (I'm On Fire) (02:15)
    (D. Bramlett/G. De Witty)\nRecorded 1971
  10. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Groupie (Superstar) (02:50)
    (B. Sheridan/L. Russel)\nRecorded 1939
  11. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - I Know Something Good About You (04:12)
    (D. Bramlett/J. Hicks)\nRecorded 1971
  12. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Country Life (03:39)
    (D. Bramlett/B. Whitlock)\nRecorded 1971
  13. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Over And Over (Bonus Track) (02:42)
    Bonus track:\n(D. Bramlett)\t\nProduced by Delaney Bramlett and Doug Gilmore\nRecorded 1972
  14. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - I'm Not Your Lover, Just Your Lovee (Bonus Track) (04:27)
    Bonus track:\n(D. Bramlett/D. Gilmore)\nProduced by Delaney Bramlett\nRecorded 1972
  15. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Good Vibrations (Bonus Track) (03:14)
    Bonus track:\n(G. De Witty)\nProduced by David Anderle\nRecorded 1973
  16. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - Are You A Beatle Or A Rolling Stone (Bonus Track) (03:23)
    Bonus track:\n(D. Bramlett/D. Gilmore)\nProduced by Delaney Bramlett and Doug Gilmore\nRecorded 1973
  17. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am (Bonus Track) (03:59)
    (J. Williams/L. Harrison)\nProduced by David Anderle\nRecorded 1973
  18. Delaney & Bonnie And Friends - California Rain (Bonus Track) (03:51)
    (D. Bramlett/D. Gilmore)\nProduced by Delaney Bramlett and Doug Gilmore\nRecorded 1973

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