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Yes Going For The One (1977)
Originally Released as Atlantic #19106 on July 7, 1977\nGold CD Edition Released N/A\nRemastered Edition Released August 16, 1994\nJapanese Version (Mini LP CD Packaging) Released June 20, 2001\nRemastered, Expanded Rhino Edition Released August 26, 2003\n\nAlbum Details (Mini LP CD Packaging)\nJapanese limited edition featuring High Definition Digital Rematersing (HDCD) a miniature gatefold LP style sleeve for initial pressing. \n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: (Rhino Edition) After two albums of increasingly diminishing returns, Yes bounced back from the brink with Going for the One, an album that might not, for the most part, have deviated too far from the band's traditional pastures but which, if you paid attention only to its attendant singles, at least suggested that Yes was over the worst. Both the almost-folky "Wondrous Stories" and the electric passion of the title track took steps that earlier incarnations of the band would never have braved -- stark simplicity on the one hand, unadulterated electricity on the other. And, if one skips the other five LP tracks that open the 2003 remaster of this album, it is clear that Yes was simply sparking with ideas and enthusiasm once again. The first three bonus tracks, the delicate "Montreux's Theme" and "Vevey (Revisited)" and a snorting bass blast through "Amazing Grace," have all appeared aboard past Yes compilations, but how much more fun would it have been had they inserted all three into the original album, in the same way as sundry snippets were slipped into Fragile? Unanimously blessed with both humor and humility, they portray Yes as a band once again, as opposed to five virtuosos with too much time on their hands. Listeners then move into a series of studio rehearsals, including a surely early instrumental drive through "Going for the One," effected with little technical expertise but positively gallons of energy. Similarly sourced versions of "Parallels" and "Turn of the Century" are less remarkable, but they, too, remain enjoyable snapshots of the band simply kicking back and enjoying itself. The highlight, however, has to be the CD closer, an early version of the album's own final track, "Awaken," cut while it was still known as "Eastern Number." Bereft of the grandiose keyboard flourishes that establish the familiar version as a "traditional" Yes epic, "Eastern Number" has a delicate na


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  1. Yes - Going For The One (05:32)
  2. Yes - Turn Of The Century (07:55)
  3. Yes - Parallels (05:58)
  4. Yes - Wonderous Stories (03:50)
  5. Yes - Awaken (15:38)
  6. Yes - Montreux's Theme (02:38)
  7. Yes - Vevey (Revisited) (04:46)
  8. Yes - Amazing Grace (02:36)
  9. Yes - Going For The One (Rehearsal) (05:10)
  10. Yes - Parallels (Rehearsal) (06:21)
  11. Yes - Turn Of The Century (Rehearsal) (06:58)
  12. Yes - Eastern Number (Early Version Of 'Awaken') (12:16)

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