Chicken Truck: Demos 1986 - 1990 (Side A) CD Track Listing

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Chicken Truck Demos 1986 - 1990 (Side A) (1990)
CHICKEN TRUCK (1986 - 1990)\n\nBrian Henneman -- Guitar, Vocals\nBob Parr -- Bass, Vocals\nTom Parr -- Rhythm guitar\nMark Ortmann -- Drums\n\nplus: Scott Taylor -- songwriting\n\nBrian Henneman is best known as the lead guitarist, principal singer/songwriter, main guy in the Bottle Rockets. He and his bands, who hail from Festus, MO, have a long history with Uncle Tupelo, going back to the mid-1980s. Some time in late 1985, Henneman's band The Blue Moons played on a triple bill in Millstadt, IL that included The Primatives. A few years later, Jeff Tweedy was instrumental in getting Henneman's next band, Chicken Truck, an opening slot for Uncle Tupelo at Cicero's. Chicken Truck released several cassettes in the 1980s, including The 90 Minute Tape in 1986 that had so many great songs that Brian's bands were still using songs from it for their albums over a dozen years later. Some of the best of those songs were written by or with Scott Taylor, a friend from Festus who still collaborates with Brian. Chicken Truck and Uncle Tupelo remained good friends and a frequent double bill until Chicken Truck broke up in 1990.\n\nAfter breaking up Chicken Truck, Henneman played occasional shows as a solo acoustic act, and sometime in late 1990 he began working as a roadie for UT, occasionally playing extra guitar or mandolin with them. He became a staple during their encores, coming out to play searing lead guitar on "Cortez the Killer," "Moonshiner," and many other covers. He played on Still Feel Gone, extensively on March 16-20, 1992, and also on a couple of the UT tracks that ended up on various compilations ("Blue Eyes," "Movin' On"). In 1992 he recorded a solo single "Indianapolis," backed by Jeff and Jay, that was released on Rockville Records. He was also a member of Coffee Creek, UT's cover band / side project / alter ego.\n\nSomewhere along the line, Brian signed on with UT's manager, Tony Margherita, who helped secure him a contract with East Side Digital. He reformed his old band -- with the addition of new bass player Tom Ray -- and in 1993 the Bottle Rockets released their self titled debut, which featured some backing vocals by Jeff and Jay. The Bottle Rockets opened many UT shows, including the last one on May 1, 1994. That final show ended with all the members of both bands playing together. Brian also played lead guitar on Wilco's debut album AM, because they had not yet found a permanent guitarist.
This rock cd contains 15 tracks and runs 42min 2sec.
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  1. Chicken Truck - Together In The Country (02:35)
  2. Chicken Truck - Rural Route (02:45)
  3. Chicken Truck - Drag My Butt (04:09)
  4. Chicken Truck - (Don't Tell Me) I Ain't Really In Love (02:17)
  5. Chicken Truck - Stuck In A Rut (02:57)
  6. Chicken Truck - Every Kind Of Everything (01:53)
  7. Chicken Truck - I Got What I Wanted (But Lost What I Had) (03:26)
  8. Chicken Truck - Dead DOg Memories (02:47)
  9. Chicken Truck - The Way It USed To Be (02:14)
  10. Chicken Truck - Missouri Sunset (02:32)
  11. Chicken Truck - Bif Cards & Beautiful Women (03:02)
  12. Chicken Truck - Rustling Leaves (02:19)
  13. Chicken Truck - This & That (02:39)
  14. Chicken Truck - Young Lovers In Town (02:17)
  15. Chicken Truck - 37213 Honkytown Tenn (04:01)

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