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Sunny Day Roses Bloomshine!
[All the following was reprinted in the CDDB with explicit permission\nfrom the copyright holder. -Miles O'Neal \n\n=====================================================\nCD booklet text:\n=====================================================\n\nProduced by J. Elbel\nEngineered by M. Svetinsky\nMixed by M. Svetinsky & J. Elbel\nMixed at Mirolab in Bellflower, CA\nArt Direction and Design by J. Elbel\nCover Illustration by Doug TenNapel\nCD Face by Lindy for Design Asylum\nBand Photo by Marcus Van Doren\n\nSDR on the World Wide Web:\nhttp://www.netads.com/music/marathon/sdr\n\nCorrespondence:\nSunny Day Roses\nPO Box 1222\nEl Segundo, CA 90245-6222 USA\ne-mail: SunnyRoses@aol.com\n\nManagement/Booking Information:\nMarathon Records\n(310) 355-0533\n\nAll songs copyright (P) & c 1996 by Marathon Records.\nAll rights reserved. Used by permission. Lyrics reprinted\nby permission. ASCAP. International copyright secured.\nWarning: Unauthorized duplication is a violation of\napplicable laws, and furthermore, prevents the artist\nfrom ever breaking even.\n\nSunny Day Roses is (left to right):\nDrums Jonathan Edwards\nGuitars Lewis Richey\nVoice Suki Chaney\nGuitars, Voice Jeff Elbel\n\nAll songs arranged and performed by Sunny Day Roses.\nBass tracks on bLOOMsHINe! performed by Steve Oberg,\nexcept for "Pop" & incidental bass, performed by\nChris Edwards.\n\nAndrew Carter appears courtesy of the Aunt Bettys and\nElektra Records.\n\nChris Scott appears courtesy of Blackball, Precious Death\nand Metro One Records.\n\n\n============================================================\nThanks page text\n============================================================\n\nTHANKS to those who helped us do this:\nMelinda, Jimmy, Dawn, Angie, Beth, & Kathleen for putting up\nwith/without us; our parents (Hi Mom, Hi Dad!), Miles O'Neal,\nSam Walton, Jesus Alvarez, Ralph Torres, Caleb Quaye, Chris\nMason, Len Fagan & Stewart at the Coconut Teaszer, Ryan\nSager, Jerry Dirmann, Cyndi Galley, Lindy, Mike Yamakwa, the\nMorrisons, cathE! Nieng, Valerie McPherson, Julius Wu, Dan\n"Elvis" Michaels, John J. Thompson & all at True Tunes, Matt\nMcCabe & Able Cain, Mike Delaney at Rad Rocker's\nDistribution, David Vanderpoel at VoG, Marty Bush, Warner &\nBeth at TLeM, Bruce Brown, Chris Suchanek, Lori Perry, Rocco\nSigona, Frank Chimento, Henry Huang & Cornerstone Festival,\nclueless chuck pearson, Paul Laurie, G. K. Chesterton, Nick\nAmoroso, Carl Oberg, Alex Parker, Jeff Schmale, John\nBretzlaff, Lucas Richey, Guava Berry Vita Boost, Church of\nthe Beach Cities for the recording space, Pasadena Foursquare\nfor the rehearsal room, Juan Casas & Message Boy Productions,\nStanley Spadowski, Cy Curnin, Jamie West-Oram, Stacey Krejci,\nClarence Alvey at Ground Floor, Matt Needham, Walt Lillo,\nDave Kasper, and Anybody We Forgot.\n\nSpecial thanks to:\nDoug & Angie TenNapel, Andrew Carter, Chris Scott, Craig\nWilliams, Brian Clark, Brant "interpretive dance" Hansen, and\nour new official bassist guy, Dave Pinkston; Enormous\ngratitude and extra special thanks to Miro, without whom this\nwould not have happened - anytime you need those boards\nwaxed, just call... Thanks to God for life, love, and music.\n\nBon voyage, big love, and best wishes to founding bassist Steve\nOberg, who left some mighty big shoes behind.\n\nThank YOU enormously for buying this. We definitely appreciate\nit, and hope you enjoy our music for a long time. Write to us\nanytime; we write back. Come see us play!\n\n=====================================================\nHidden messages beneath in the back of the jewel case:\n=====================================================\n\n"The purpose of having an open mind, like having an open\nmouth, is to close it on something solid." - G. K. Chesterton\n\n"As you travel along life's way, don't forget to stop and\nhear the roses."\n\n"Begin the day with a friendly voice, a companion\nunobtrusive..." - N. Peart\n\n[The Chesterton quote is on a photo of a dog joyously leaping\nto catch a flying disk. -meo]
This rock cd contains 23 tracks and runs 70min 6sec.
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  1. Sunny Day Roses - Want (05:20)
  2. Sunny Day Roses - Cross (03:35)
  3. Sunny Day Roses - [Raining] bass/acoustic guitar (00:38)
  4. Sunny Day Roses - Skin (04:56)
  5. Sunny Day Roses - Rope (03:40)
  6. Sunny Day Roses - [Redeye] acoustic guitar (00:26)
  7. Sunny Day Roses - Bloom (04:11)
  8. Sunny Day Roses - [Pegleg] acoustic guitar (00:12)
  9. Sunny Day Roses - Blue (03:06)
  10. Sunny Day Roses - [Lullaby] acoustic guitar (00:25)
  11. Sunny Day Roses - Rest (05:35)
  12. Sunny Day Roses - [Dialogue] bass/acoustic guitar (00:43)
  13. Sunny Day Roses - Call (04:07)
  14. Sunny Day Roses - [Drungo] percussion (00:47)
  15. Sunny Day Roses - Dig (04:15)
  16. Sunny Day Roses - [Sukiyaki] music box (00:38)
  17. Sunny Day Roses - Bean (07:27)
  18. Sunny Day Roses - Lo (02:20)
  19. Sunny Day Roses - [Hedge] bass/acoustic guitar (00:13)
  20. Sunny Day Roses - Me (04:50)
  21. Sunny Day Roses - [Shine] bass/acoustic guitar (00:54)
  22. Sunny Day Roses - Pop (11:30)
  23. Sunny Day Roses - [Surprise!] (00:04)

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