Phish: Albany, NY Set 2 Disk 3 CD Track Listing

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Phish Albany, NY Set 2 Disk 3 (2003)
This is a Live Phish CD. It was sold in FLAC(what I got) and MP3 formats. The consumer was expected to burn it himself, but it was sold online by Phish through their website.
This rock cd contains 5 tracks and runs 40min 34sec.
Freedb: 2c098005
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  1. Phish - Camel Walk (06:38)
  2. Phish - Possum (09:20)
  3. Phish - Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (04:42)
  4. Phish - Run Like An Antelope (13:25)
  5. Phish - Fire (06:25)

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