Send Out Scuds: Sower Seed CD Track Listing

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Send Out Scuds Sower Seed (2008)
This rock cd contains 5 tracks and runs 21min 56sec.
Freedb: 2c052205
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  1. Send Out Scuds - This song is so cliche it'll probably rot your teeth (04:09)
  2. Send Out Scuds - Blind leading the blind, leading the blind, etc. (03:47)
  3. Send Out Scuds - It's 4am and I've put this off for way too long (04:13)
  4. Send Out Scuds - Capsized: but grace means more than the air I can't reach (04:48)
  5. Send Out Scuds - If Scranton was for lovers... (04:55)

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