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Bob Dylan Infidels (1983)


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  1. Bob Dylan - Jokerman (06:19)
    Standing on the water casting your bread\nWhile the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowin'\nDistant ships sailin' into the mist\nYou were born with a snake in both of your fists\nWhile a hurricane was blowin'\nFreedom just around the corner for y
  2. Bob Dylan - Sweetheart Like You (04:35)
    Well, the pressure's down \nThe boss ain't here\nHe's gone north for a while\nThey say that vanity got the best of him\nBut he sure left here in style\nBy the way, that's a cute hat\nAnd a smile so hard to resist.\n\n What's a sweetheart like you\n Doin
  3. Bob Dylan - Neighborhood Bully (04:37)
    Well the neighborhood bully\nHe's just one man\nHis enemies say he's on their land\nThey got him out numbered \n'bout a million to one\nHe's got no place to escape to\nNo place to run\nHe's the neighborhood bully\n\nNeighborhood bully\nHe just lives to su
  4. Bob Dylan - License To Kill (03:34)
    Man thinks 'cause he rules the earth\nHe can do with it as he please,\nAnd if things don't change soon, he will.\nFor man has invented his doom.\nFirst step was touching the moon.\n\n Now there's a woman on my block,\n She just sits there as the night
  5. Bob Dylan - Man Of Peace (06:32)
    Look out your window baby\nThere's a scene you'd like to catch\nBand is playin' Dixie\nMan got his hand out stretched\nCould be the fuhrer\nCould be the local priest\nWell there's sometimes Satan you know he comes as a man of peace\n\nHe's got the sweet g
  6. Bob Dylan - Union Sundown (05:25)
    Well my shoes they come from Singapore\nMy flashlight's from Taiwan\nMy table cloth's from Malaysia\nMy belt buckle's from the Amazon\nYou know this shirt I wear comes from the Phillipines\nAnd the car I drive is a Chevrolet\nIt was put together down in A
  7. Bob Dylan - I And I (05:12)
    Been so long since a strange woman slept in my bed\nLook how sweet she sleeps, how free must be her dreams\nIn another lifetime she must have owned the world or been faithfully wed\nTo some righteous king who wrote songs beside moon light streams.\n\n I
  8. Bob Dylan - Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight (05:54)
    Just a minute 'fore you leave girl\nJust a minute 'fore you touch the door\nWhat is it that you're tryin' to achieve girl\nDo you think we can talk about it some more\nYou know the streets are filled with vipers\nWho've lost all ray of hope\nYou know it's

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