Frank Zappa: Burnt Weeny Sandwich CD Track Listing

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Frank Zappa Burnt Weeny Sandwich (1970)
Frank Zappa: organ, guitar, keyboards, vocals\nGabby Furggy: vocals\nBunk Gardner: horn, winds\nLowell George: guitar\nJim Sherwood: guitar, vocals, winds\nDon "Sugarcane" Harris: violin, vocals\nIan Underwood: guitar, piano, keyboards, winds\nDon Preston: bass, piano, keyboards\nRoy Estrada: bass, vocals\nJimmy Carl Black: percussion, drums\nArt Tripp: drums\nRecorded 1967-1969.\nProduced by Frank Zappa.\nOriginally released as Bizarre LP RS-6370 (1970-02).\nFZ approved master, 1993.\nCD: Rykodisc RCD 10509 (1995-05-02), UPC 014431050923.
This rock cd contains 9 tracks and runs 41min 13sec.
Freedb: 7309a709
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  1. Frank Zappa - WPLJ (02:52)
    (The Four Deuces)
  2. Frank Zappa - Igor's Boogie, Phase One (00:36)
    (Frank Zappa)
  3. Frank Zappa - Overture to a Holiday in Berlin (01:27)
    (Frank Zappa)
  4. Frank Zappa - Theme from Burnt Weeny Sandwich (04:32)
    (Frank Zappa)
  5. Frank Zappa - Igor's Boogie, Phase Two (00:36)
    (Frank Zappa)
  6. Frank Zappa - Holiday in Berlin, Full-Blown (06:24)
    (Frank Zappa)
  7. Frank Zappa - Aybe Sea (02:46)
    (Frank Zappa)
  8. Frank Zappa - The Little House I Used to Live In (18:41)
    (Frank Zappa)
  9. Frank Zappa - Valarie (03:13)
    (Clarence Lewis/Bobby Robinson)

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