The Shirelles: Anthology 1959-1964 CD Track Listing

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The Shirelles Anthology 1959-1964 (1986)
Originally Released 1986\nCD Version Released October 25, 1990\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: In the course of eight years, Rhino came out with two separate but very similar Shirelles anthologies. The first was 1986's Anthology: 1959-1964, followed by The Very Best of the Shirelles in 1994. Both are 16-song CDs, and many of the essential hits that were included on Very Best were also found on this CD, including "Tonight's the Night," "Dedicated to the One I Love," "Mama Said," and "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" (as well as "Boys," "A Thing of the Past," "Soldier Boy," and "Big John"). The main reason Very Best Of has a slight edge over this disc is because of its inclusion of the 1958 doo wop classic "I Met Him on a Sunday (Ronde-Ronde)," which is missing from Anthology. Both CDs, however, are full of gems that would greatly influence countless girl groups. These songs were undeniably seminal, and the late-1950s/early-1960s harmonies of the Shirelles would directly or indirectly influence everyone from the Supremes, the Marvelettes, the Shangri-Las, and Martha & the Vandellas in the 1960s to LaBelle, First Choice, the Three Degrees, and the Pointer Sisters in the 1970s. How many groups who influenced the Go-Gos and Blondie also had an impact on En Vogue? The importance of the Shirelles hits found on this CD cannot be overstated. -- Alex Henderson\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nGirl-Group Harmony At It's Best!, December 22, 2000 \nReviewer: Michael R. Mathena from Lakewood, Ohio USA \nThe Shirelles are among the supreme girl-groups of the 1950s & 60s. They sing in perfect harmony and sound like angels every time. Whether you listen to their #1 hit "Soldier Boy" or their dreamy "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (also a chart topper!), their distinct "Shirelles Sound" comes through. My personal favorite "Mama Said" and the song sung to a "Foolish Little Girl" are among the many memorable titles featured on this CD. There are also samples from the Movie Sound Track "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", the title song of which was, of course, by the Shirelles. If you like the Golden Oldies of the Vintage Rock & Roll Era, you will treasure this timeless collection of songs by one of the genres best loved artists. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nThis is perfect music., August 23, 1998 \nReviewer: Andre1998@Yahoo.com from New York City metro area \nOK, I'll show my age. I recently bought this CD, but the music recalls my earliest years, some of the first music I can remember hearing around my house in Philly. As collections go, the mega-hits are the reason that you first buy the set. "Dedicated to the One I Love" kicks off the best of the Shirelles' repertoire. They are timeless classics. I dare you to pick a favorite. I can only narrow it down to "Will You Still Love Me", "Mama Said", and "Soldier Boy". It was a real bonus to listen to the lesser known selections because they are a part of a style of music that is long gone. It can be discovered by a new generation through these collections and other reissues, but its with a sad fondness that the generations that lived these times can revisit them. These kind of songs were playing at their proms, and on their first dates. If you are in your twenties, this set would be a great music gift for your parents. Another bonus is the accompanying booklet that details the group's rise and short stay at the top of their field. It includes many parallel industry events, especially the factors that surrounded the Shirelles' reign coming to an end. It's a comprehensive look at a group whose songs are so much a part of music history, that no matter what the age, everyone can recall singing along to them. \n\nHalf.com Album Credits\nBill Inglot, Engineer\nGary Stewart, Producer\n\nAlbum Notes\nWhile many of these songs may have originally appeared in mono, for the CD\n\nrelease, they were remixed from the original multi-tracks to digital stereo. "It was not our intent to re-write the past, but to preserve it." - Bill Inglot
This rock cd contains 16 tracks and runs 40min 6sec.
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  1. The Shirelles - Dedicated To The One I Love (02:07)
  2. The Shirelles - Tonight's The Night (02:03)
  3. The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow (02:45)
  4. The Shirelles - Boys (02:11)
  5. The Shirelles - Mama Said (02:13)
  6. The Shirelles - A Thing Of The Past (02:38)
  7. The Shirelles - What A Sweet Thing That Was (02:32)
  8. The Shirelles - Big John (02:24)
  9. The Shirelles - Baby It's You (02:41)
  10. The Shirelles - Soldier Boy (02:42)
  11. The Shirelles - Stop The Music (02:14)
  12. The Shirelles - Everybody Loves A Lover (02:43)
  13. The Shirelles - Foolish Little Girl (02:20)
  14. The Shirelles - Don't Say Goodnight And Mean Goodbye (02:44)
  15. The Shirelles - Sha-La-La (02:33)
  16. The Shirelles - Maybe Tonight (03:06)

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